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Our History


Founded in 2016, is a technology-focused learning institution that focuses on customized hands-on training. We started in British Columbia, Canada with two campuses in Victoria and Vancouver. We promote industry-driven education through a comprehensive roster of courses in coding and web development, Microsoft, computer fundamentals, graphic design, and other digital programs fit for ages 17 to 90.

The has created a technology ecosystem that ultimately sustains itself. We have created a space where tech leaders can pluck out talent to inspire the growth of their brand and industry at any given time. These factors set our difference from other coding and tech institutions:

What makes Us different

Expert Faculty

All of our teachers are industry professionals with real-world experience and knowledge designed to take students’ skills to the next level, whether it be beginner computer skills, corporate enrichment, or upskilling required by freelancers.

Tailored Instruction

Our unique classroom culture marked by small classes provides students with one-of-a-kind education and focused mentoring. The dynamics of online learning also enable us to combine a hybrid of in-person and online instruction that fits individual needs and preferences.

Value-Added Services

In practicing what we teach, we offer small business and business development consulting on top of related solutions in using a wide range of technology software and applications. We also offer computer lab room rentals including a classroom based on clients’ specific needs. Each classroom rental includes the latest technology, high-speed internet, Mac or PC computers, and additional software as required.

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Our Campus

Learning anytime, anywhere

Virtual Campus

Born out of a desire to improve and innovate current practices in the industry, continues to adapt to the needs of modern learners through its very own Virtual Campus. As training is no longer limited to traditional face-to-face setting, the virtual campus mirrors the technological ecosystem featured in both its Victoria and Vancouver campuses. The virtual classroom online provides limitless learning possibilities. The brand of presenting a unique classroom culture is still found in its virtual campus. The learning experience that awaits students goes above and beyond the average online training programs. Q Academy envisions something much more unique for those enrolled at its virtual campus.

The virtual campus allows several learning options:

  • Self-paced learning

  • Instructor lead one-on-one training

  • Instructor lead group training

  • Customized training packages

All instructors are industry professionals with relevant experience and knowledge to empower students with advanced skills.  Whether one wants to learn basic beginner computer skills or is looking for a corporate skill, offers you training that is customized for you!

Victoria Campus

The Q Academy location at Victoria is the school’s founding campus. Since 1997, Q Academy Victoria has been providing students with a conducive avenue for learning. With an ecosystem emphasizing technology, students learn from their instructors and from each other, and they progress in developing their computer skills.


Outside the campus, Victoria presents a lifestyle perfect for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Students can go mountain hiking or swimming at a nearby beach or lake. The Victoria environment and culture contribute to the campus’ distinctive profile. 


Q Academy sets itself apart from other institutions in Victoria with its unique classroom culture that ensures students with a one-of-a-kind education; a learning adventure in itself.

Q Academy instructors are industry professionals with experience and knowledge to take students’ skills to the next level. Whether one wants to learn basic beginner computer skills or is looking for a corporate skill, Q Academy has the training that is tailored for you!

Vancouver Campus

Answering the call for expansion, Q Academy opened a second location in the city of Vancouver. Q Academy Vancouver continues to present the same quality of teaching found in its founding campus, allowing more students—domestic and international—to thrive in the academy’s high-tech ecosystem.

Just like the urban centre the city is known for, the Vancouver campus highlights an interactive learning environment where students progress in their knowledge and skills. Its programs are flexible as well, customizable depending on the needs of the modern student.

Q Academy instructors are experienced industry professionals who have the expertise to upgrade students’ skills. Whether one wants to learn basic beginner computer skills or is looking for a corporate skill, Q Academy offers tailor-fit training that is best suited to your needs.

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Q Academy works with the most innovative, sustainable industries and we continue to review all the major skills gaps across the globe. We’re looking for industry leaders and academic partners to help us create courses for upgrading skills within growing sectors across globe. We’d love to work with you to build something great!

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With so many companies looking for great talent why not look take your needs directly to Q Academy and ensure your candidates have all the most update skills they need. Hire Great Talent without the high costs of some job search platforms or services.

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Q Academy works with thosands of business across the globe and we have become several business go to training partners for the past 5 years.

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