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Customer Service Representative-City Centre Park-Victoria, Canada

JOB TITLESenior Customer Service Representative
LOCATION: City Centre Park located at 1089 Langford Parkway, Victoria BC.
DEPARTMENT: Eagle Ridge Community Centre Reception
REPORTS TO: Facility Manager, Kristin St. Cyr
HOURS: Full-time hours. Evening and weekend hours are required.


The Senior Customer Service Representative are responsible for greeting customers and answering telephones for the Eagle Ridge Community Centre Reception. The Employees are also responsible for booking facilities for clients of the Play Zone, Westhills Ice Arena, Langford Lanes, and the Eagle Ridge Dry Floor Arena. The Senior Customer Service Representatives are also in charge of directing phone calls and clients to the appropriate departments such as Facility Bookings Coordinator, Facility Maintenance Supervisor, Manager of Finance and Administration, as well as, Facility Operator and Marketing for any additional bookings or rentals within City Centre Park. The Employees may be expected to help out in other departments and facilities throughout City Centre Park, such as Eagle Ridge Community Centre Concession, Westhills Ice Arena Reception, Westhills Stadium Concession, and PlayZone. Senior Customer Service Representatives also assist and train the Junior Customer Service Representatives in their daily tasks.

  • Customer Service: Greeting customers that walk into the lobby of the Eagle Ridge Community Centre Dry Floor Arena. Direct customers to different departments of City Centre Park such as Westhills Ice Arena, PlayZone, Westhills Stadium, Goudy Turf Field, Rugby Canada Offices, Langford Lanes etc.
  • Answering a multiline telephone system, directing phone calls to different extensions and departments, as well as, taking and relaying any messages for those departments.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the Eagle Ridge Community Centre Concession from open until close, as well as completing the tasks for the opening and closing/cleaning duties of the concession and reception.
  • Senior Customer Service Representatives ensure all breaks are scheduled and cover each staff member that requires a break.
  • Completing and filling out the Communications binder that consists of many daily duties and tasks checklist for all reception and Customer Service positions

Regular duties include but are not limited to:

  • performing transactions, taking and collecting payments for a variety of leagues, programs, and departments within City Centre Park,
  • booking parties, answering phone calls,
  • cooking food in Eagle Ridge Arena Concession, and delivering to Playzone or Westhills Arena (Splash Park & Outdoor Skating Rink Seasonal).
  • Assisting to maintain and monitor Eagle Ridge Arena Reception, Concession, and PlayZone and reporting any problems to Facility Managers or supervisors.
  • Sorting, maintaining, and monitoring the incoming and outgoing emails to and from clients and other departments within City Centre Park.
  • Assisting in rentals of roller blades for Eagle Ridge Community Centre and ice skates for the Westhills Ice Arena for private bookings, and/or scheduled drop-in times, as well as cash handlings for some bookings and all drop-ins for either arena.
  • Maintaining the upkeep of the rotation and sharpening of the ice skates at Westhills Ice Arena. (Splash Park and Outdoor Skating Rink – Seasonal)

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Customer service and interactions with clients, cash handling, initialing off a checklist to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of the park, and lastly taking ordering and delivering food to customers.
  • Monitoring the facility during rental functions and events to ensure public safety and safe operations.
  • Senior Customer Service Representative assists with employee training for reception and concession positions.
  • Ensure all areas, doors, gates, change rooms are open, and signs are turned on or put out for any opening shifts.
  • As well as, assisting the cash person in retrieving their float from the safe and their coffee urn from the concession to start their day in the Playzone.
  • Ensure all areas, doors, and windows are locked upon closing Eagle Ridge Community Centre shifts.
  • Patrol the facility regularly to ensure rules and regulations are being followed and ensuring the correct users are on the dry floor arena during their specified booked times.
  • Assists in opening change rooms for various leagues that use the dry floor arena.
  • Inspect equipment and facilities for safety and take corrective action and notes as required, as well as advising supervisors/managers immediately of all equipment damage or any unsafe conditions.
  • Comply with City Centre Park safety procedures that are written out in our Safety Plan Binder and a copy may be located at each department.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned by supervisor or any notes of things that are needed to be done for when one receptionist are finished their shift, and another reception are just start.

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