Innovative Partners

M Square Media (MSM)

M Square Media (MSM) is a leader of innovation and globalization initiatives in the international education sector. It strives for people and community empowerment through education, technology, and partnerships with industry and the academy. Across different business lines, MSM provides agile, first-in-class products in enrollment management, education management, and edtech.

Through multi-platform solutions, MSM helps higher education institutions (HEIs) increase their international student enrollment through building global and in-country offices, managing agent networks, and providing personalized services for admissions, marketing, back office support, process management, market entry and expansion, and recruitment automation, to name a few.

Q College

Formerly the Victoria School of Business Technology, Q College was founded with the aim of teaching students how to better develop websites in 1997. This goal has broadened since then as Q College continues to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches while maintaining standards of academic excellence to serve the needs of students. Q College is designated under the PTIB of British Columbia and approved by the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) of BC. It offers boot camps, short-term specialty courses, certificate and diploma programs on information technology. The college prepares its students for fulfilling careers and offers them Pathway opportunities to further their education.

Taylor Pro College

Taylor Pro College provides employment-focused programs for career-oriented students, preparing them for in-demand industries in Canada. Known for its excellent Driver Training programs, the college has since expanded to provide business administration, office administration, tourism and hospitality, and social work programs to help students gain global skills to build their careers. The college’s academic programs are authorized by the BC Private Training and Institutions Branch and received an Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation.

Eton College

Situated at the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Eton College Canada inspires lifelong learning and helps students advance in their career goals by offering relevant and innovative programs. Founded in 2003, Eton College is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) under the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. It offers up to 14 career and academic programs covering the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Flight Attendant, and Business Administration sectors. To date, Eton College has trained almost 2,000 domestic and international students for careers in various services industries.

College Multihexa

Founded in 1986, College Multihexa is an Information Technology (IT) and Computer Studies institution that has trained more than 5,000 IT students to date. It is situated in the city of Saguenay known for its fine quality of life, history and the natural wonder of the Saguenay Fjord.  While the majority of the population speaks French, Saguenay supports multiculturalism and welcomes people from various countries and backgrounds. It is located 55 minutes away from Montreal by plane, and just a two-hour drive away from Quebec.

Leanna Rathkelly

Leanna Rathkelly shoots architecture and lifestyle imagery.  She photographs private residences and commercial properties for developers, builders, architects and designers, and creates relaxed personality portraits for business leaders. Visit her Facebook page at Leanna Rathkelly Photography for updates

Microsoft Office and IT Training Advance the Learning

Our business is to provide the tools for students to foster vital IT and Office skills and encourage them to put their knowledge to immediate use, thereby keeping clients in tune with advancements in technology and business solutions.

Cisco Knowledge to Technology

By applying knowledge of Information Technology and years of expertise in the field, we offer training services which are designed to empower our clients and their businesses.

Raspberry Pie Makers

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