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Intermediate skills with Python

Course Outlines

Module 1: User Defined functions and Built-in Class function in Python
✓ Difference between Built-in and User defined functions in Python.
✓ How to create user defined functions using def.
✓ Introducing Lambda functions.
✓ Set, frozen set class and object and its functions

Module 2: Python Builtin Classes and Objects
✓ Int, Float and Complex Class and Object in Python.
✓ What are operators and how to use the in-number objects. Str class and Objects in Python.
✓ Different data Structures, data processing Techniques to learn.

Module 3: Understand Text File Handling with Python
✓ Handle different format types of files in Python. How to read, write and append data using Python
✓ File pointer and seek the pointer introduction to Python –
✓ Built-in Modules

Module 4: Python Libraries/Modules and Packages
✓ Discussion on Python Modules. User Defined Modules, Python inbuilt Modules/libraries and 3rd Party
✓ Modules
✓ Python inbuilt libraries – os, sys, logging, datetime, time, zip, json, csv
✓ Create your own Python Modules
✓ Configuration of Python UDM and Define PYTHONPATH Create your own Python Packages

Module 5: Python Exceptional Handling Features
✓ How to handle Python run time exceptions Zero Division Exception, Name Error, Type Error and Generic Exception Class
✓ Raising an exceptions User-Defined Exceptions

Module 6: Introduction of Regular Expression
✓ Match, compile, search and findall Function Matching vs searching operations
✓ Search and Replace feature using RE Extended Regular Expressions
✓ Wildcard characters and work with them

Module 7: Python – Database Interaction
✓ Introduction of Python Library sqlite3 Creating Databases and Tables CRUD Operations
✓ Creating a Database Object

Module 8: Introduction to pip and package installation
✓ Introduction to pip and package installation. What is pip?
✓ Install, download, uninstall, upgrade and search packages using pip. Install package using pip and Pycharm
✓ Install packages for XLS interface and XLS parsing with Python Create XLS reports with Python

Module 9: Introduction to Anaconda Distribution
✓ Set Virtual environment using conda Integrating Anaconda with Pycharm.

Module 10: Introduction to numpy and statistical analysis
✓ Introduction to numpy functions Dealing with Flat files using numpy Mathematical functions
✓ Statistical function Operations with arrays

Module 11: Introduction to panda’s framework and statistical analysis
✓ What is Python – Pandas framework. Creating Series and data filter/transformation Creating Data Frames on pandas
✓ Practical use cases using data analysis mini projects

Module 12: Introduction to Python Matplotlib Library
✓ What is matplotlib and its gallery.
✓ Create different graph from dataset
✓ Practical use cases using data analysis Mini Projects

Module 13: Machine Learning Regression
✓ Logistic Regression
✓ Random Forest

Module 14: Classification
✓ K-means Hierarchical

What you'll learn

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have demonstrated the ability to:
✓ Python defined functions
✓ Define Python Modules
✓ Python – Pandas framework

Course Content

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have demonstrated the ability to:
✓ Python defined functions
✓ Define Python Modules
✓ Python – Pandas framework

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Course Info

The following are admission requirements for each course and may not be waived by the student or the academy:
✓ Intro to Python course
✓ Or Past experience with Python
80 Hours

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Customize A Course
We will be happy to assist you for inquiries about a customized scheduled or program:
Caroline Santos
Corporate and Custom Sales Manager
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Intermediate skills with Python

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Learners today are becoming more complex in their understanding of computers. They have become not only consumers but creators — which leads us to this amazing introductory course. Companies worldwide are using the Python programming language for web and software development, data analytics, and machine learning. This intermediate to Python course will teach young learners the ins and outs of the Python language beginning where the introduction class left off. This class takes a new approach to learning python and integrates with many of the same technologies you would see working in the development world such as GitHub and cloud IDEs. This course will give you the tools and experience you need to apply the Python programming language in real world scenarios upon completion.

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