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Q Academy Bullying

Bullying is a form of harassment that includes intentional intimidation from a person to another in order to force compliance or assert dominance and intentional harm to the other. As a result, the victim will be distressed, less powerful or helpless resulting in a risk to the wellbeing of the victim. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or cyber harassment.

Examples include: unfair and excessive criticism; unreasonable ignoring a student’s point of view; constantly changing or setting unrealistic targets for a student; undervaluing the efforts of a student; taking advantage of any power etc.

Anti Bullying Procedures

Q Academy has a zero bullying tolerance and we will not accept any form of bullying. All accusations  will be taken seriously and dealt with promptly:

Staff Responsibilities

  • To implement procedures to confront bullying in any form
  • To listen to all parties involved in incidents
  • To investigate incidents promptly and as fully as possible
  • To take appropriate action or to refer to Tutor/Head of Year/SMT as
  • appropriate
  • To record in the appropriate students’ files and in the racist/HBT (homophobic, biphobic, transphobic) record if appropriate
  • To share with parents  of the victim and bully, incidents of persistent and/or serious bullying
  • To implement appropriate procedures for a member of staff
  • To promote the use of a range of learning styles and strategies which challenge bullying behaviour
  • To promote open management styles which facilitate communication and consultation within the school and relevant outside agencies when appropriate
  • To model the values our school believes in from the mission statement
  • To promote the use of interventions which are least intrusive and most effective.

Students responsibilities:

  • Report any bullying you may have witness
  • Ensure that you are not bullying another student, or Q Academy team member. 
  •  Treat all students and Q Academy staff with respect

Who can students talk to if they have any concerns about bullying?

  • Instructor
  • Program Manager
  • Student Services 
  • Director 
  • Academic Director

How to report Bullying

  • You can report bullying either online anonymous, in person by speaking to a team member
  • You can send an email to 
  • You can call the campus directly and speak to someone

What to expect next:

  • You reported the directly you will be asked for further information
  • We will speak directly to all participants involved (we will not discuss who brought forth the report)
  • ensure that we complete a full investigation on the incident 
    • – Support recommendations will be provided to all our students
  • will take disciplinary actions when necessary

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