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Blogging for Business – Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Actually Read

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Blogging for Business – Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Actually Read 

53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority, and for a good reason. A well-constructed blog is engaging and provides valuable information to your followers. Engagement is key to building a great reputation online, the more likes and shares you have, Google will give you a big “high five” and reward you with front page results.

But here’s the problem: if the success of your website depends on your blogging skills, then how do you create a blog post that people actually want to read? How do you draw them in, and keep them on your webpage?

There is nothing worse than sitting down to write your heart out, publish it, and then noticing you get a whopping total of 3 likes (insert tumbleweeds here).

If this sounds familiar, you have probably been blogging wrong this entire time. Have no fear, this article includes countless hours of research to uncover the simple solution for engaging blog posts.

If you want to turn those three likes into thirty thousand likes, keep on reading to learn the easy solution for blogging success!

Begin with a Catchy Title

 A well written, and catchy title will seduce and lure your clients in to keep reading. (We don’t mean in a creepy way!). This title will also differentiate your blog from the other millions of blogs out there. Make sure it is unique!

The title must be fresh and relative to the content, as well as compelling and engaging. Is it making your audience think? Is it useful enough for them to feel the need to share it with their friends on social media?

A great way to do this is to draw in emotion from your readers. If it pulls at their heartstrings, you know they will read one. One more thing, check the format of your title! Put your title in the website “Capitalize my“, it is free, and it is awesome!

Make It Valuable

Who is your audience, and what problems are they trying to fix. Think of how can you fix it for them, and make that your content. Add real, practical value.

You are the Tylenol or Advil for your audience, curing their frustrations with your information.

Whatever you do, don’t include generic topics. If you think that a fifth grader could come up with the same information, then it’s not unique enough! Readers are tired of generic blog posts, they are just too busy for useless information.

Look around on the internet, there are so many blogs out there that are full of filler, AKA “fluff”. Don’t be one of them too! Stop filling in the gaps with stories about your kitten chasing paperclips and how many times you ate meatloaf this week.


Nowadays, our monkey brains just don’t have the attention span to filter through massive of text. One look at a big paragraph and your audience is running for the hills. We are just too “busy” for wasted time reading jumbled texts. Research shows that readers will only read between 20-27% of your words.

Writing a high school essay will also make your bounce rates skyrocket, which will hurt your SEO. If you want someone to spend enough time on your website to actually learn from it, make it easy for them to find it, and quickly.

Few Pointers for a Well-Structured Blog

  • Good use of headings (H1, H2 etc.)
  • Lots of white space (White space is your new best friend)
  • Awesome list of useful topics
  • Good use of images (Blog posts with photos get 94% more views than blogs without them)
  • Optimized for Search Engines. Use this awesome SEO audit tool to check out how well done your SEO

Apply these solutions for your future blog articles to make sure you are blogging the “Write” way (see what I did there?).

These are proven ways to write Marketing Blogs that your clients will actually read. It may take time to re-frame your mind around these new ideas, but start now, your SEO is begging you to.

With love, success, and happiness,

The Fit Gypsy












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