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Why You Should Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud

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Why You Should Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud

A whopping 1 million people are now subscribed and use Adobe Creative Cloud. Seems like everyone and their dog knows about it nowadays. This is all for very good reasons, as there are so many amazing perks with the cloud!

There have been bucketloads of changes with Adobe since it first created Photoshop in 1990. They have added some pretty cool programs that can save you a ton of time and really boost your business’s image. Whether you are a graphic designer, blogger, web designer, or even small business owner, Adobe Creative Cloud is a smart investment for you.

We have created a list of the top reasons to upgrade to the CC, read on to discover why you should make the switch.

No High Upfront Expenses

Many software companies have an astronomical expense to purchase at the beginning. This can intimidate most potential users, as they are unsure if it is a worthy investment or not. With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can avoid the upfront costs of $999 and just pay an easy $50/month.

Keep in mind that you are not actually buying the software at this price, you are just paying for a monthly usage of it. This is a smart investment choice as you can use your monthly income to the monthly expense. Just like paying a cell phone bill!!

You Get Access to Absolutely Everything…And More

Any time there is an upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud, you do not have to wait! They are available for your use immediately. This includes every single application they have to offer.

What’s even better, is the fact that you never have to pay for an upgrade. All upgrades are immediately added and will never cost you an extra dime.

Share, Sync and Store.

Because it is a cloud, you now have access to all your devices. Trust me when I say your Instagram feed will thank you when you use LightRoom on your smartphone!

You can also share files with clients, co-workers, and friends.

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

CC Libraries allows you to store all of your creative assets. You can save images, character styles, swatches, vectors and more. This allows you to make changes, save them, and apply those saved changes all across the applications in the cloud. Once you re-sync the cloud, there they all are!

Whats also amazing about the CC Libraries is that you have full access to Adobe’s stock photos. All of their stock photos are viewed easily by staying within the application and not having to open up another web browser. Talk about time-saving convenience!


With the use of CC, you now have access to thousands of fonts. This includes a search for website fonts for website designs, for all you designers out there! All of these fonts also have commercial licenses, allowing you to use them on any projects for clients.

Auto Save, Aka Your Project Hero.

There is nothing worse than working incredibly hard on a project, only to have your computer crash… losing everything. It is both frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time. Adobe has kept this in mind, and will now automatically backup your projects, whether you have recently saved them or not.

The Plethora of Applications

If you are a professional photographer or a top Instagrammer, Photoshop is incredible. Have you heard of Lightroom? This is next level photo editing as well.

Are you a graphic designer, web designer, or even want to make your Pinterest account better, check out Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.

Do you love videography and want to make your videos more exciting, adding cool effects and graphics? Try AfterEffects- it’s incredible! Also, take a look at Adobe Prelude, it is a miracle for organizing your footage!
Adobe Premiere Pro is an incredibly easy, and advanced form of editing software. It will turn your videos from average bro’s to amazing pros!


As you can see, there are so many amazing benefits of using Adobe Creative Cloud. No matter who you are, or what you do, this program will help your business to become easier, as well as more exciting.

The only problem is, HOW do you learn how to use them? Sometimes online tutorials can be very tricky, especially when you cannot ask questions.

Q Academy offers a fully extensive course on Adobe Creative Cloud. If a course does not work for you or your schedule, then contact us and we can help you get set up with one on one tutoring. We will discuss your goals with you and strategically create a plan that is best suited for what you want, with your style of learning.




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