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Why Digital Marketing is Crucial for Small Businesses During the Pandemic

The grim reaper may have been feasting on the business world since the pandemic pushed cities to go under lockdown, prompting a number of brick and mortar stores to permanently shut down. There are those that shifted their line of business to online, quickly adapting to these challenging times. But with window displays and flyers no longer an option to attract customers, how do small and medium enterprises get their word out that they still exist in the Post-COVID-19 world?

Digital marketing is the obvious answer. Whereas alignment meetings have moved from offices to Zoom meetings, promotional activities likewise did. Since customers cannot visit the stores, entrepreneurs need to figure out creative ways to virtually deliver value to their customers. This is also the perfect time to learn new skills to retain loyal customers.

Unlimited Reach

Physical stores depend on foot traffic and location. But having a website and being present on social media expands a business’ market. There are no restrictions on how much you like to expand your business with digital marketing. That is why it is no surprise that small and medium-sized businesses embraced digital marketing quickly when offline setups were greatly affected by the government-imposed lockdown.

High Impact – Low Cost

Entrepreneurs do not need to break the bank to start digital marketing efforts, especially amid the economic slowdown. It allows them to directly reach a large number of prospective customers who are interested in a certain type of business. This is far cheaper than traditional methods of reaching an audience that involve spending a larger amount. With a limited set of budget, digital marketing can reach thousands of customers and generate more leads.

Online Visibility and Credibility

Having a website and presence on top social media platforms lets people know that a brand is trustworthy and reliable.  During the crisis, people tend to shop online. It is best to optimize websites for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so the products and services would appear on the search results. It is also advisable to have presence in e-commerce apps where they can leverage on their sale campaigns.

As for email marketing, personalized emails keep customers engaged. Regularly communicating with them amid the pandemic and delivering relevant content to them builds loyalty and trust. Businesses may not be creating revenue at the moment but maintaining a rapport with customers can benefit them in the long run.

Creates Jobs Amid the Pandemic

Digital marketing can also be used by small business owners to reach the right workers and suppliers. Because companies save up a lot of money by moving their promotions to digital, they can hire additional people for their company.

Evolving Into A Resilient Business

To survive this health and economic crises, businesses should aim to be pandemic-proof. Digital marketing is one step to adopt change for the better. This will eventually take other aspects of your business from operations to distribution to digital platforms. 

Efficient Time Management

Digital marketing has scheduling tools that let you plot posts and content without always being in front of your computer monitor. This helps small businesses invest time and money in other aspects of the business. With more time, entrepreneurs can use their time wisely in crafting the best strategies to attract more customers during the pandemic.

With the absence of physical interaction, business owners should still practice empathy despite not being able to see the customers in person. Nowadays, we crave for emotional connection. Businesses have to go out of their way in understanding the needs of their customers so they can still be loyal to the brand when the crisis is over.

Interested in learning how digital marketing can help your small business survive the pandemic? Inquire about our digital marketing programs at Q Academy here.

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