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Why the AWDM course will help you attain the Freedom Lifestyle

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Why the AWDM course will help you attain the Freedom Lifestyle


To attain the freedom lifestyle, you have to learn the skills in order to make a serious living while traveling the world. The internet can become our best friend to be able to learn those skills, and be able to apply those skills in the real world. The problem however, is there is SO much misinformation out there. It is one big convoluted digital world, confusing us every attempted step of the way. Once you find a decent online course, you also risk the fact that it could not be recognized without a true diploma. Which could affect your job security and make it hard to find work.

What if I told you that there was a course that you can attend in person? This program will have you completely set up for success as a digital nomad! Upon completion of this course, you will have the exact skills you need in order to achieve the ultimate freedom lifestyle. You will also have a recognized diploma that will ensure job security and appreciation from future employers. You can finally escape the 9-5 and become a cubicle survivor!

The course I Speak of is called “Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing Diploma Program”. I WISH I was able to attend the AWDM course before I left. Doing so would have made life a heck of a lot easier. These are MY top reasons why I believe this AWDM is the best thing since sliced bread!


You get a recognized diploma!

No more filtering through mass amounts of unrecognized online courses. If you are going to become a Digital Nomad, you want to stand out from the rest. Job security and a recognizable education are the most important factors to look for when shopping around for the perfect program. The AWDM course is approved by the PTIB, “Private Training Institute Branch of the Ministry Of Education“. This alone, is worth every single penny that this course costs. Oh, and by the way, since this is a recognized course-you can apply for a student loan! #Winning!



Better chances of being hired-sooner!

Lot’s of companies call Q College looking for people to hire for their online marketing and website jobs. There are numerous case studies of students whom were hired as soon as (or even just before) they finished the program!



You learn two of the TOP careers for a Digital Nomad

There are numerous career choices to choose from that accommodate the freedom lifestyle. If you look through all of the freelancing websites such as, etc, you will notice that the most common job offers are for WordPress Web developers and Digital Marketers. The AWDM course will teach you everything you need to know to create the most desirable websites with WordPress. Putting you way ahead of your competitors. You will also learn all the ropes of becoming a digital marketer. Just take a look at their course description:

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Use relevant strategies to create rewarding digital marketing campaigns
  • Use Google Analytics to optimize, measure & maximize website potential
  • Establish & execute a branding strategy defined by persona, values & goals
  •  Apply Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing procedures
  •  Measure & track customer behaviour throughout a conversion processes
  • Understand and test user behaviour and measure conversion rates
  • Identify & integrate preferred social media tools & campaigns for business
  • Apply advanced practices regarding workflow and responsive design in WordPress development
  • Understand all digital marketing tools specific to WordPress development
  •  Expand on their use of advanced WordPress Plugin integration, relating to eCommerce &  marketing


This is absolutely everything you need to be fully successful in the location independent, freedom lifestyle world.


You can sit in on other classes in the future

Lot’s of programs state that when you are done the classes, you are done the program. This is not the case with Q College. when you are finished your program you can contact Q College to sit in and class audit. Even though the class outline is structured pretty perfectly, they understand that life gets in the way and we don’t always retain information in the same way every class. Therefore, come back and sit in on a class, refresh your mind and meet new likeminded friends again!


You get to learn everything, physically, in person.

With most online courses, you are working at your own speed and that can make it difficult to stick to it. When you want to ask a question, you have to wait until you receive an email back, which can take forever to get answered if you have to message back and forth. When you are in person, you have a teacher right in front of you to ask questions to, a teacher whom is wanting your success just as much as you do! You are not just another number in a “one size fits all” online classroom, you are part of a family while you are there for those 12 weeks.


Good luck with your escape in the 9-5 and journey to begin your freedom lifestyle, trust me, it is worth it!


With love, health and happiness,


The Fit Gypsy


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