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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificail Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to a computer’s or a computer-controlled robot’s ability to perform tasks usually associated with intelligent beings. AI is also known as

  • A human-created intelligent entity
  • Capable of intelligently performing tasks without being explicitly instructed.
  • Capable of rational and humane thinking and behavior.

If you ask an AI researcher about artificial intelligence, they will tell you that it is a set of algorithms capable of producing results without being explicitly instructed. AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. In today’s world, artificial intelligence has grown in popularity. It is the imitation of natural intelligence by robots that have been taught to learn and behave in imitation of humans. As they gain expertise, these machines will be able to learn and carry out tasks that humans do. AI and other emerging technologies will significantly impact our quality of life. It makes sense that everyone wants to use AI technology nowadays, whether as an end-user or by pursuing a career in AI.

How can we tell if Artificial Intelligence is behaving like a human?

Even if we achieve the point where an AI can behave like a human, how can we be sure that it will continue to do so? We can base an AI entity’s human likeness on the following:

  • Turing Test
  • The Cognitive Modelling Approach
  • The Law of Thought Approach
  • The Rational Agent Approach

What exactly is the Turing Test in the field of artificial intelligence?

A human agent must be able to communicate with the artificial intelligence entity to pass the Turing Test. It shouldn’t be possible for a human agent to guess that they are speaking with AI. To achieve these goals, the AI must have the following characteristics:

  • Natural Language Processing is used to communicate successfully.
  • Knowledge Representation serves as its memory.
  • Automated Reasoning uses information that has already been stored to find answers and make new judgments.
  • Machine Learning is used to detect patterns and adapt to new situations.

Approach to Cognitive Modeling

As the name implies, this approach attempts to develop a model of artificial intelligence inspired by human thought. There are three approaches to distilling the essence of the human mind:

  • Introspection is observing our thoughts and developing a model based on them.
  • Psychological Experiments: observing and conducting experiments on humans
  • Brain imaging uses MRI to keep the brain’s functions in various scenarios and then replicate that with code.

The Laws of Thought Method

The Laws of Thought are a long list of logical statements that govern how our minds work. The issue with this method is that there might be significant differences between solving a problem in theory (strictly in accordance with the rules of thought) and doing it in practice, necessitating contextual nuances. Furthermore, we take some actions without being sure of the outcome that an algorithm may be unable to replicate if there are too many parameters.

The Rational Agent Method

A rational agent will try to achieve the best result under the circumstances.

The Laws of Thought theory hold that an entity must act according to logical assertions. There are other situations, though, where there is no logically sound solution since there are several possible outcomes, each of which would require a different compromise. The rational agent approach seeks to make the best decision possible given the current situation. It is a much more dynamic and adaptable agent.

Now that we’ve seen how Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to behave like a human let’s look at how these systems are built in the future.

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