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What Are Your Kids Getting Out of Playing Minecraft?

More than a unique computer game, Minecraft is a great tool that can help children reach their full potential by developing their academic and social skills. The game gives your kids an opportunity to create anything, from small cars to huge spaceships. With monsters and other challenging characters, the world of Minecraft teaches players how to survive while learning and having fun.

Problem-Solving Skills

  • The game encourages and expands one’s ability to navigate obstacles, both hypothetical and in real life.
  • With the game’s “survival mode” challenging players to maintain their hunger and health levels in the face of danger, kids get to develop their critical thinking skills.


  • More than just about stacking and unstacking blocks, Minecraft allows kids to imagine and build anything they want, real or not.
  • The game could reveal if a child has the potential to become an architectural genius.

Reading and Writing Skills

  • If motivated to advance in the game, kids need to understand the written guides that appear on-screen.
  • Kids get to exchange messages with friends or classmates by using the chat function.

Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Playable on servers, Minecraft allows kids to work together with their friends or with others around the world to achieve goals.
  • By pooling and sharing resources, kids learn to rely on each other. They acquire the skill to work together positively to achieve a common goal.

Intellectual Curiosity

  • Minecraft encourages kids to find hints and tricks to overcome challenges and to progress.
  • Kids will be encouraged to do online research or to visit the local library. This will lead them to discover which resources are useful to them and which aren’t.

Resource Management

  • Once thoroughly engrossed in the game, kids start calculating the costs of their resources and the time required to complete certain tasks.
  • Children will soon weigh the economics of labor and resources as they effort to craft the game’s many recipes.

History and Math

  • Reconstructing famous and historical landmarks is a popular educational use of Minecraft.
  • The game teaches kids to understand math and scale as they populate landmarks.
  • When playing Minecraft, kids will encounter key mathematical concepts that will form part of their curriculum. Concepts such as creating complex shapes, solving geometric problems, and manipulating blocks.

Entry to the World of Coding

  • Being highly customizable, Minecraft allows kids to edit its original code as modifications, or mods, to make the game behave in different ways. These mods are built by third parties (often kids) to enhance the game.
  • Children can modify the game using Java code. They then can share their mods with friends and teammates for a totally unique experience.
  • Minecraft also teaches kids more coding skills like debugging or using Photoshop.

Career Skills

  • Elements involved in the game help teach kids technical skills, and business skills such as trading and relationship-building.
  • Minecraft can help give kids a solid background in STEM subjects that are critical for employers today and in the future.
  • The social nature of Minecraft teaches them on how to designate roles, share responsibilities, and complete projects.


  • Collecting resources, building cool stuff, and defeating a boss develop their self-confidence, making them feel that they’re in charge of their own fate.
  • Kids can share their impressive Minecraft skills with other people and forge new friendships.


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