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Top Educational Benefits of Minecraft for Children

Minecraft kids camps

Top Educational Benefits of Minecraft for Children

Since launching in 2011, Minecraft now has over 100 million users. It is no surprise really, it has incredible benefits to development for both children and adults. This quickly earned them a mass amount of respect for incorporating educational benefits with a fun and exciting video game, making it a win-win for everyone.

What is it exactly that makes Minecraft so appealing to these 100 million people, and how can your child benefit from it as well?

Below is a list of the top reasons why Minecraft is so educational for children, check it out!

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

One of the best parts about Minecraft is that you can build just about anything you can imagine. This enables children to believe that they can accomplish what they think of about, giving them a freedom with creativity and self-expression.

It is incredible what some of these children have created, it will blow your mind. As long as the designs fit within the 3D grid of the game, there are endless possibilities.

Collaboration and Social Skills

When connected to a server, a Minecraft player can include their friends or team up with players from around the world. When joining forces with another player, this can teach your child about teamwork, social skills, communication, and sharing as well.

Whether they are building structures, sharing resources, trading advice, or defeating enemies, they do it by communicating with each other. The results from this have been incredible off the computer, children have been learning how to communicate, share and work well together.


Without even really realizing it, children have been using mathematics in their Minecraft strategies. The best part about this is that these math skills are applicable to life! In the game, you have to ration out food sources before going on a mining adventure, do site mapping before building a city, count the minutes until night time, and more.

Some teachers are using Minecraft to teach their students how to construct complex shapes, solve geometric problems, and manipulate blocks. The mathematics scores in school have actually been better in cases where they use more Minecraft.

Personal Development

A unique part of Minecraft is that there is actually no way to win. This makes the end result completely up to the player and empowers them to make the choices with their outcome in mind. Imagine the confidence and sense of self-achievement your child gets as they tick off tasks on their to-do lists.

You can’t argue the feeling of independence that they develop as well because their whole Minecraft world is up to them, no one to tell them how to do it.

Problem Solving

Strategic problem solving is a big component of Minecraft. A Minecraft day lasts 10 minutes in real life, this means quick thinking and adapting to the changing environments. At nighttime, they have to work through “survival mode”, which is when creatures come out at night and hunt the players. Players have to be able to build shelter, get resources, and problem solve quickly.

Writing Skills

When the players are communicating to each other, they need to write clearly so they can read what each other is trying to do. This improves both writing and reading skills. Parents have seen these skills spill over into other aspects of their children’s lives such as writing letters, emails, and in the classroom.

There are also many exciting things such as gemstones and elements to discover. This usually ends up with children finding themselves face down in an encyclopedia learning about these elements.

How To Get Your Child into a Minecraft Camp

After reading this article, you are probably just as impressed with the Minecraft results as we are! We have had incredible results with children in our Minecraft and coding camps, and we love seeing those smiling faces return every year!

Check out our Minecraft kids camps, and get your child on the benefits today!

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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