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Top Software and Apps To Make Entrepreneurial Life Easier

make entrepreneurial life easier

Top Software and Apps To Make Entrepreneurial Life Easier

According to recent research, the average entrepreneur spends a whopping 68% working in business-related areas, such as solving problems. This means that they only get to spend 31% percent of their time working on their actual business, the part that actually makes an income. It is time to learn how to make entrepreneurial life easier.

Having a proper time management plan in place will save you a whole lot of time, money and your sanity. This means more time on the things that really matter in your life, such as family, friends, travel and physical exercise of course!

But how do we create an effective time management plan? Knowing which Web sites, software, and apps will help you tremendously.

Check out our list of the top websites and apps that will make your entrepreneurial life easier.


Trello has an amazing design, similar to Pinterest, that will help you with keeping all of your projects organized. It is easy to follow and will keep all of your tasks on a specific due date. A fantastic way to make entrepreneurial life easier.


Wunderlist is incredible and so easy to use. You can link your mobile and desktop profile together, which makes it more accessible. It also includes sub-categories, notes, pictures, and more. A great part about Wunderlist is that you can share to-do lists between people, perfect for sharing tasks and delegating.


Hemingway is your hero when it comes to creating readable content. Ideally, you want your content to be no more than a grade 9 reading level, as it is easier on our busy monkey minds. All you have to do is copy and paste your content into the website (free!) and it will tell you everything from readability, passive/active voices, grammar checks, etc.


For the social media aspect, HootSuite wins usability hands down! You can schedule posts on all social media platforms, learn tips on monetization, and make entrepreneurial life easier, so much easier. Seriously, you will save hours of time a week using HootSuite.


If you have a team, employees, or co-workers, Slack will save your work life and time. You can create projects, delegate tasks, and helps you communicate with your team easier. Now that many businesses are online and have international workers, this is an optimal choice for a smooth operation.


Evernote allows you to put all of your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and tasks in one place. You can add voice notes, pictures, videos, drawings, and more. You can also share some between different accounts, which makes it easier than having to email someone with your ideas.


Ever have a hard time staying focused, and want to increase your productivity levels? Forest is your new hero. It is a pretty cool concept actually. It starts with a tree sprout, and the more you focus, the more that tree grows, and eventually grows into a forest! However, if you pick up your phone, and get distracted, the tree will die!

Learn More About Making Entrepreneurial Life Easier

Learn more about time management hacks, and programs that will help your busy life by contacting us today.

Questions about this article? feel free to email me at anytime! [email protected]


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