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The Full Potential of Microsoft for Live Presentations

Its Top 5 Capabilities

How do you create a strong statement with your presentation, even before you open your mouth? And connect to as many audiences as you want?

Well, Microsoft Live Presentations is the newest way to share your next PowerPoint presentation and create an impact. Microsoft has reasons to put this LIVE presentation a notch higher because since the world became dominated with the new norm of “virtual” communication – the communication process must evolve too to make it more enterprising in the new normal. No wonder both corporate and education audiences are embracing this amazing technology because they can now present and pitch their concepts more effectively.

Microsoft added new functionality to the web browser version of PowerPoint that will enable you to receive feedback while presenting and receiving assessments immediately after your presentation. This is a great feature because it will assure you that everybody is listening to you while you pitch your deck, all ears will be on you and you will get instant feedback if you are doing a great job or you’re boring your audience already. PowerPoint allows users to share the presentations live inside the room and digitally too, like in online courses and online classes.

How do you go Live? It’s so simple – by clicking ‘Present Live’ when you set your presentation, a start screen will be displayed. This screen displays a QR code that people used to open the presentation in a web browser on their device and access your presentation simultaneously while you are presenting it. The slides in PowerPoint presentations are very handy especially in online courses because it catches the students’ attention easier, they are visually appealing, more concise and packed with information.  

Microsoft Live Presentations is now a very useful tool for connecting and communicating with your audience more effectively. As the presenter, your presentation goes LIVE on your audiences’ devices. And, to reach more audience, anyone invited can watch the presentation you are presenting live on their mobile device or computer screen. It has features wherein you can go back to see and check previously presented slides, though you can’t get ahead of the other slides. While presenting, your audience can also give live feedback. But the best feature of all–you can now see a live transcription of your presentation–virtually in any language. Your specific audience and person viewing your presentation can even choose the language of their choice for the transcription.  

The excitement for this remarkable product is understandable since good presentations are a must nowadays–at work, online courses and in business. How do Microsoft Live Presentations work and what is the basic process you must do and have? 

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Presenters or the user must have a Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • The presentation must present from PowerPoint online, not a OneDrive presentation opened in the desktop app or Teams
  • Viewing does not need a Microsoft 365 subscription 
  • And fourth, the viewer just needs the QR code or URL

What are the capabilities of Microsoft Live Presentations? How will your presentation look LIVE to your viewing audience? Here’s a sneak peek of its five capabilities: 

  1. During your presentation, the slides are displayed and updates happen in real-time.
  2. They are not viewing a webcam, but the actual LIVE slides.
  3. If your viewer wants to go back to your previous slide to review it, he can go back and watch it independently again. He can go back to the slides but can’t get ahead of the other slides.
  4. Your audience can choose from 1 to 60+ languages to have your talk automatically, and in very close to real-time, transcription.
  5. Feedbacks, reactions and comments from your audience are LIVE. While you are presenting, they can “react” to each slide with a set of emojis such as “thumbs up,” “laughing,” or “puzzled.” 

Once your presentation is over, the presenter will receive a notification containing the summary of the audience’s feedback – how many reactions, which slide received the most reactions, and the audience evaluation (anonymous and compiled). Your audience’s screen will receive a short survey with categories such as Slide Design and Speaker Skills to evaluate your presentation as well.  

The Presentation Live transcription is text only (no voice) but with its features that provide a personalized presentation experience to each of your audience, you will engage and capture everyone’s attention longer. Nobody gets left behind now because your audience can connect from their device (laptop, tablet, or phone) and they can follow and react individually to each page (moving back the slides and putting their reactions thru emojis). 

The Microsoft Live Presentations is also a breakthrough because the live transcription enables your audience to choose from 60+ languages. They can easily access live subtitles in their preferred language on their own device. This is true inclusivity at its best because audiences with hearing disabilities can now participate and react. 

Though most of us are still confined to the comforts of our home, studying and taking up online courses, and working, Microsoft Live Presentations in PowerPoint for the web is still available and can be utilized today. And when the time comes wherein we can all safely go back to the boardroom to meet and present in person, your Microsoft Live Presentations will make all the difference to help you seal that deal.

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