Coders Run The World: Plug Into The Fastest-Growing Adaptable Skill Online

This decade is off to a rough start for millions around the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic singling out people with professions that make them eligible for remote work, many people are rethinking how they make a living and experience life despite the adversities. The question currently on people’s mind is, how does one adapt […]

Becoming a Digital Nomad

Become a Digital Nomad

The concept of working remotely and not having a brick and mortar office is not exactly a new concept, but if you take that concept and add travel to it, then you have the lifestyle of a digital nomad. Now I will be honest, I had never heard of this lifestyle until two weeks ago. […]

Move Over Algebra: Coding Is The New Math


Coding is the new math Coding is finally trendy. The idea of learning to code is propagating down further and further into the educational system. This conversation is happening on ever corner of the globe. Here in Victoria, the provincial government unveiled plans in January that would introduce computer coding in its school curriculum, addressing […]