3 healthy finger food recipes for on the go

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3 healthy finger food recipes for on the go   Do you always feel like you are on the go? Does your life seem so busy lately that you cannot find time to eat? In these circumstances, when we finally do get a chance to eat, we tend to go for something quick and easy-which […]

Conscious eating for the Holidays

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Conscious eating for this Holiday Season   It’s the holiday season, and for most of us, that means eating-lots and lots of eating! Once New Years rolls around, a big majority of people have “lose weight” as their top resolution. Perhaps this year, we should try conscious consumption when attending numerous holiday season gatherings. Your […]

Five Delicious Smoothie recipes

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Five Delicious Smoothie recipes to Tickle your tastebuds!     Are your taste buds getting tired of the same ole smoothie routine? It is a very beneficial health habit to have a green smoothie every day, but it sure can get redundant if you have the same recipe all the time. Check out these delicious […]

Snacks On A Plane! Food to bring on your Flight

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Snacks On A Plane! Food to bring on your Flight.   When traveling, it is very important to keep healthy and eat some nourishing foods. This Will keep us in good health and prevent illness- so you can enjoy vacation fully! What most of us forget however, is to eat healthy while on the plane […]