How to Use Excel Like A Pro: Simple Excel Tricks

Microsoft Excel

Key Points at a Glance: Microsoft Excel can allow you to increase your productivity and efficiency. Advanced Microsoft Excel skills enable your team to make professional spreadsheets. For handling reports and records, Microsoft Excel is the most crucial tool in business. Introduction: One of the most advanced tools for working with raw data—and one of the […]

The Full Potential of Microsoft for Live Presentations

Its Top 5 Capabilities How do you create a strong statement with your presentation, even before you open your mouth? And connect to as many audiences as you want? Well, Microsoft Live Presentations is the newest way to share your next PowerPoint presentation and create an impact. Microsoft has reasons to put this LIVE presentation […]

10 Productivity Tips for Mastering Microsoft Office 365

Productivity Tips For Mastering Microsoft Office

Key Points at a Glance: Microsoft Office 365 makes your business more efficient and profitable. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular productivity tools that assist employees to be highly productive. Introduction: One of the widely used cloud-based packages is Microsoft 365 (Office 365), with over a million businesses utilizing it for production. […]

The Full Advantage of Learning Microsoft Excel

Learning Microsoft

Among all the programs that Microsoft developed, Excel is one of the most important programs. Developed by Microsoft in 1985, MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that is primarily used to compute and help businesses compile financial data.  As part of the Microsoft 365 (formerly called Office 365) suite, Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used to store and […]

Microsoft Skills are Valuable in All Workplaces

Microsoft Skills

We bet it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t use Microsoft in their work. Why? According to a study, almost 1.2 billion people across 140 countries and 107 languages have learned Microsoft Office and use it in their daily activities. Young kids and students use it for their school work and projects. Professionals and businessmen rely […]

Top 10 Business Benefits of Advanced Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel - Q Academy

The quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, is very applicable in the business world. It talks about how preparation, using the right tools, and organization is essential in completing a task efficiently. It’s not so much about […]

Meet Kelly Marshall

Microsoft Training Q Academy

Hi! I’m Kelly Marshall, an excitable tech nerd and Microsoft fan girl who loves sharing computer productivity tips and tricks with learners of all ages and skill levels. Many thanks to Q Academy and Q College – Learn to Code family for bringing me on board as the newest guest blogger to join the blog […]

Hot Skills for Employment on Vancouver Island

Microsoft Excel training Victoria, BC

We get a lot of people walking through the door of the Academy asking what the top “in demand” skills are in the current marketplace here on the Island.  We have spent some time looking into what these are, and while they tend to differ slightly between industries, we identified the three common skill sets […]

Increased demand for Microsoft Excel training in Victoria, BC

Increased demand for Microsoft Excel training in Victoria, BC The booming job marketing in Victoria, BC is leading to thousands of exciting new opportunities, along with endless frustrations of employees looking to get an upper hand on the competition — and Microsoft Excel training has been the number one requirement most employers and hiring agencies […]