7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn How to Use Raspberry Pi

RaspberryPi STEM Summer Camps for Kids

As society gets more reliant on technology, coding is turning into a more valuable and necessary skill. Learning the language of computers can be done at any age, but many are realizing how advantageous it is to start young. Children are at their prime for learning new languages and can not only quickly pick up […]

Coders Run The World: Plug Into The Fastest-Growing Adaptable Skill Online

This decade is off to a rough start for millions around the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic singling out people with professions that make them eligible for remote work, many people are rethinking how they make a living and experience life despite the adversities. The question currently on people’s mind is, how does one adapt […]

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Code

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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Code Careers that require coding skills are now making an average $22 000 more per year on average, more than tech careers that did not learn to code. This puts coding into the top 25 jobs of the future, because of the skills, knowledge, and mindset that […]