The power and freedom of being silly

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The power and freedom of being Silly “There is a power in looking silly and not caring that you do” ~Amy Poehler For all those out there with a serious case of Adultitis, there IS a CURE! It’s called letting go of what other people think of you and realizing that you hold the magical […]

Imagine the places you can work in!

Julie French Digital Nomad Office Stretches

Imagine the places you can work in!   As a Digital Nomad, you fulfill your freedom lifestyle because you get to choose your place of work. Most of the time those places will be coffee shops, a cute cafe, awesome co-working spaces, and funky cafes that you discover along your journey!   There is one […]

You can be a cubicle survivor!

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You can be a cubicle survivor!   I was just thinking the other day about how AWESOME life is as a digital Nomad AKA Cubicle Survivor! I get to travel the world, explore new sights, scents and sounds every single day. I meet awesome like minded people, and make friendships over the globe, all while […]

Learning how to start my New Career as a Digital Nomad!

The Digital nomad

Hey everyone! What a whirlwind this week has been! Let me catch you up to date on what I’ve been learning! During last week’s tutoring session at Q Academy, Manny taught me how to set up profiles on, and a couple other great websites where you can find work and build your experience […]