3 healthy slow cooker recipes

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3 healthy slow cooker recipes   Its that time of year for being cozy, eating comfort food and sharing awesome slow cooker recipes! Using a slow cooker is one the most convenient ways of cooking, besides getting someone else to cook for you! Nothing better than coming home after a long day of work to […]

5 Health food myths that you should stop believing NOW

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5 Health food myths that you should stop believing NOW   Every where you turn around, there is a new health food trend. It is overwhelming how much information is out there, and how misguided it is. The multi-billion dollar health food industry has the most manipulating marketing and has people wrapped around their fingers, […]

Four Healthy Traditional Christmas Desserts

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Four Healthy Traditional Christmas desserts.   With Christmas just around the corner, the last thing you need is the stress of finding something healthy but traditional to add to your dinner menu. Thanks to these Delicious Healthy Christmas treats, you will not only save your waistline, but also, your guests won’t even know they are […]

Snacks On A Plane! Food to bring on your Flight

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Snacks On A Plane! Food to bring on your Flight.   When traveling, it is very important to keep healthy and eat some nourishing foods. This Will keep us in good health and prevent illness- so you can enjoy vacation fully! What most of us forget however, is to eat healthy while on the plane […]

Nutrition for Optimal Health

Nutrition for health

I was young and gullible when I first started in the fitness industry, so naturally I found myself caught up in the fitness modeling side of the multi-faceted industry. I would catch myself looking at fitness magazines with all the ripped (dehydrated, photoshopped and malnourished) models and dream about one day making it on one […]

5 Tips for Hot Weather Running

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It’s definitely not a secret that  hot weather running is challenging and uncomfortable. I once raced a marathon when it was very hot and got my slowest time ever. I struggled for the last 5k and looking back, I wish I knew how to handle the heat better. Not only did I suffer during the […]

Make Breakfast Easy with these Three Simple Recipes

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Make Breakfast easy with these three simple recipes!   Does your morning routine include a healthy, balanced breakfast? If not, well… you need to work on your morning routine, but first- let’s work on getting in that breakfast!! A healthy balanced breakfast is KEY to starting your day off right. If you start your day […]

10 Ways to Boost Office Morale

10 Ways to boost office morale

Have you ever entered an office and asked yourself how people can even spend ten minutes there, let alone 40 hours a week? have you ever worked in a place where you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as soon as you walk through the door? How about an office where […]

How a Blog Post Sold Out the First Run4Dreams


When I first came up with the idea of Run4Dreams, a virtual 5k to raise money for Help Fill a Dream Foundation, I wasn’t sure how I was going to initially get people to sign up. This was my first attempt at organizing a charity event of this nature (although I’ve done a number of […]

Using Digital Marketing for Charity

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Hi I’m Yana-The Cubicle Dweller who loves to run. After spending several years as a self-employed fitness entrepreneur and achieving major milestones, such as getting my first mortgage approved, I decided to pursue a corporate career. I wanted something which would also allow me to take part in fun activities after work, do more for […]

Balance Back-to-School with Recipes from Julie

Its that time of year again! The waves of anticipation are flowing through households for both parents and their children, as it is time to prepare to go back to school! YAY! Time to think about school supply shopping, new clothes, after school care programs, and most importantly… time to pack those lunches!! Soothe your […]