How App Development Can Win You Profits

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This year, global mobile apps are expected to reach 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues. Whether you’re thinking of creating your own app or working for a company, the mobile app market is a highly competitive and profitable industry. The advancements in technology and mobile devices paved the way for mobile apps to thrive. Now, […]

4 Investments Worth Looking Into

Information holds exponential value because it is not lost after being shared. In fact in many ways as individuals we gain more from the information we share. Whether it be in arbitrary situations such as giving directions to a stranger or whether you are explaining a thesis to a colleague. When information is given away […]

5 Major Signs It Is Time to Be a Freelancer

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5 Major Signs It Is Time to Be a Freelancer In the United States alone, 53 million people are now living the freelancer lifestyle. The is one in every 3 people that have made the leap to live the ultimate freelancer lifestyle. There are many reasons why people are quitting their jobs, or changing their […]

Four signs it is time to make a career change

Career Change | The Fit Gypsy

Four signs it is time to make a career change   The average person makes a career change ten to fifteen times during his or her lifetime. The times of settling and staying put are over. We really are not meant to be in the same career for our entire lifetime, so why stay when […]

Why you must go to a networking event in your field

Networking event | The Fit Gypsy

Why you must go to a networking event in your field   Even for the most advanced and outgoing personalities, going to a networking event can be terrifying. You show up, to a place that is completely out of your comfort zone. Then you exhaustingly repeat small talk about who you are and what you […]

Graphic Design / Branding Fundamentals

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So many people dream of a career in a creative industry, but far less people actually do something about it. For many people, becoming a Graphic Designer seems to be a job that dreams are made of – flexible, fun and positively overflowing with creativity, so they think to themselves, how could this possibly lead […]

Entrepreneurship, Athletics and the Similarities

Athletes Entrepreneurs

The pursuit of athletic excellence and entrepreneurial success are very similar in many ways. Dedicated athletes and serious entrepreneurs exhibit many of the same characteristics. If you dream of succeeding as an entrepreneur or making waves as an elite athlete, you should keep reading this post. You must be fully committed. In order to succeed […]

Learn OneNote Conference

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Have you been curious to see what Microsoft OneNote is all about? Are you already using OneNote, and ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Are you curious to explore how OneNote can be used to streamline your personal and business productivity? Why not check out the Learn OneNote Conference 2017 to help […]

CompTIA Training Suite

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Careers in Computer and Device repair are in demand and the CompTIA Training Suite will help you achieve a great one! As a society, we have learned to love and embrace our devices and technology. We have integrated them into all aspects of daily life to make our lives more efficient, but what happens when […]

Get More Done by Doing Less First

Prioritizing your time

Most days when I’m working on the computer I’m either in a rush or in the “zone”. Either way, I am trying to focus on the task at hand. Yet distracting thoughts will inevitably pop into my head like a series of exclamation points. Here is a peak inside my head and the intrusive thoughts […]

The Fastest Way to View Windows Side-by-Side Using your Keyboard or Mouse

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A key component of mastering the basics of using computers is using your mouse and your keyboard to navigate the computer interface. When you open a program or an application such as Microsoft Word or an Internet Browser, a window appears. Often, we are multi-tasking and working with multiple windows open at once. Manually resizing […]

10 Ways to Boost Office Morale

10 Ways to boost office morale

Have you ever entered an office and asked yourself how people can even spend ten minutes there, let alone 40 hours a week? have you ever worked in a place where you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as soon as you walk through the door? How about an office where […]

Charis Fajiculay – Digital Content Strategist

Digital Content Strategist

Somehow, I always I knew I didn’t want to work a 9-5 job. I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t like people telling me what to do. Throughout high school and later teenage years I worked every menial job you could think of. Cafe’s as a barista, waitress at restaurants, a cashier […]

Meet Kelly Marshall

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Hi! I’m Kelly Marshall, an excitable tech nerd and Microsoft fan girl who loves sharing computer productivity tips and tricks with learners of all ages and skill levels. Many thanks to Q Academy and Q College – Learn to Code family for bringing me on board as the newest guest blogger to join the blog […]

My First Vlog!

Vlog | Video Editing | The Fit Gypsy

My First Vlog! Hey everyone! It’s Julie the Fit Gypsy here! I am beyond excited to be learning video editing skills, in order to make my own travel Vlog series while traveling the world as “The Fit Gypsy”, this is a skill that I have been wanting to learn for a very long time! After […]

Revenue vs. Profit

Small Business

Many people who are starting a small business are unfamiliar with business language and may use the words “revenue” and “profit” interchangeably. However, they are definitely not the same thing. It’s important that anyone who is starting a small business or even a non-profit agency learns the difference between the two sooner rather than later. […]

Becoming a Digital Nomad

Become a Digital Nomad

The concept of working remotely and not having a brick and mortar office is not exactly a new concept, but if you take that concept and add travel to it, then you have the lifestyle of a digital nomad. Now I will be honest, I had never heard of this lifestyle until two weeks ago. […]