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Snacks On A Plane! Food to bring on your Flight

Snacks on a Plane | Q Academy | The Fit Gypsy

Snacks On A Plane! Food to bring on your Flight.


When traveling, it is very important to keep healthy and eat some nourishing foods. This Will keep us in good health and prevent illness- so you can enjoy vacation fully! What most of us forget however, is to eat healthy while on the plane ride to our destination! Bringing an assortment of healthy snacks will help you feel good while you are soaring at 39,000 feet above the ground! The last thing you want to experience is bloating, and an unhappy tummy because you consumed some crappy foods.


Usually I switch up the foods that I bring every time I fly, but I always stick to some staples! Here are my favorite Snacks to bring on the plane.


Some type of fresh Cut up Vegetables

YES, you can bring veggies on the plane. Follow these three main rules and you will be fine:

  • Do not include a core, or seeds. Make sure it is cut up.
  • Make sure it is not liquid version of vegetables or fruits
  • Discard your leftovers before you get off the plane, with the flight attendants that pick up the garbage. This ensures that you are not bringing this produce into another country.

I love an assortment of vegetables; snap peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber. I also love a fresh cut up apple, with some lemon juice on it to prevent it from oxidizing and going brown.


Ginger Chews

If you love ginger, you will LOVE ginger chews! They are the perfect Plane ride snack. They take awhile to chew on, which is nice for long haul flights, as it helps pass time and keeps your mouth and tastebuds entertained. They also are perfect for preventing nausea, as the ginger is a great anti-nauseant.


Chocolate – of Course!

A nice square of dark chocolate is so soothing with a cup of tea, while on a long plane ride. Dark chocolate has less sugar than milk, and it also has been proven to promote overall sense of well-being as well as balancing some hormones, and lowering blood pressure!

Check out this awesome article on the benefits of Dark Chocolate by Huffington Post.


Something Crunchy

This does NOT include chips, which are full of hydrogenated oils and unhealthy fats. My favorite are the Snapea crisps and lentil bean crisps by Harvest Snaps. The Wasabi Ranch ones are my favorite!


Protein Bars

You need protein to keep you satiated during the long time on a plane. My favorite protein bars are the RX bars and the Fermented Vegan Protein Bar by Genuine Health.

They have only clean, REAL ingredients and will not fill your body with synthetic junk or chemicals, like most protein bars.


Before you take off, make sure you are well prepared for your travels and are stocked up on the right supplementation to keep you healthy. Read my blog on the best supplements to take while traveling to ensure you are in good health!


Check out my Vlog about what I brought with me this time, and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel!!


Love, Health and Happiness!

The Fit Gypsy


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