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Six Signs You Are Cut out for the Remote Lifestyle

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Six Signs You Are Cut out for the Remote Lifestyle


A whopping 43% of Americans are now working remotely.

Just let that soak in for a little bit. Times are changing, the remote lifestyle is highly desired and businesses are shifting to hire more remote workers.

Some people, however, are not cut out for that lifestyle. It takes specific skillsets that some people just don’t have.

How do you fit in with all these changes? Are you prepared and up to date with the right skillsets to work remotely? Do you have what it takes to be successful as a Digital Nomad?

Read on to find out if you are or aren’t cut out for the remote lifestyle.


You Are Extremely Independent

If you value your time spent alone, rarely feely lonely, and crave new sceneries constantly, you would do well living the remote lifestyle. The people who do not last as a digital nomad do not know how to deal with loneliness.

There may be periods of time before you make a new solid friend. If that is okay with you, then you would rock at the remote lifestyle.


You Are Fantastic at Time Management While Working Remotely

The procrastination and distractions are ten fold while working remotely. Without a boss standing over your head, it may be hard to stick to the task at hand.

There are temptations for naps, beach days, tours and exploring. There are new friends to meet and so many places to see. This is not a vacation, this is not even a “workation” – this is your career.

There are numerous time management apps that will make life easier for you as well.

If you can avoid all the FOMO while traveling, then you are cut out for the remote lifestyle.


You Have a Backup Income

Having a financial safety blanket is a serious matter. The remote lifestyle is not all sunshine rainbows and butterflies. Jobs come and go, faster than you change your clothes sometimes.

It can take quite awhile to gain a livable income. If it wasn’t for my saved income, I would have probably had to exchange physical work for accommodation, or even gone home earlier.


You Are an Excellent Budgeter

It took me a solid 6 months of extreme budgeting, hostel rooms, and cheap street food to be able to finally live well in the remote lifestyle.

You need to do serious research on how much things cost in your new environment. Digital Nomads are not rich by any means. With consistent effort, you can make a decent home wage while living in a much affordable country. This is when things get fun, where you can rent a place with a pool and a view!


You Are Extremely Flexible (Not Physically!)

Living the remote lifestyle, you need to get creative. Jobs are not thrown in your face, you have to hunt them down and sometimes bid against MANY other people for them.

Sometimes you have to roll with the punches and deal with numerous curveballs on a daily basis. This can get fatiguing and overwhelming if you are not prepared.

This lifestyle is full of surprises, if you welcome uncertainty with open arms, then you are made for the remote lifestyle.


You Know There Is More to Life Than Being a Cubicle Dweller

In the future, do you want to look back and remember a long, dull life full of the same routine and environment? Or do you want to look back and remember your exciting, fulfilling life full of experiences?

If the second sentence appeals more to you, congratulations – you are absolutely made for the remote lifestyle.

This is not an escape, this is real life. You are still working full time, you just get to choose where you work, and what atmosphere your office is in every day!


Did you scream “YES!” to all of these signs and want to know how to get started?

If you feel you need a solid educational background to succeed, you are right. Check out why the Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing course is the gateway to living the remote lifestyle.





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