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Remote jobs that let you travel the world- Part 1

Remote Jobs | The Fit Gypsy

Remote jobs that let you travel the world- Part 1


Thanks to this cool thing called the “Interwebs”, there is now an abundance of remote jobs available. This is now the time to start your career as a digital nomad. The only question and decisions you have now, is which of the remote jobs do you choose?

I have compiled a list of the top remote jobs that will enable you to work from anywhere, and fulfill your traveling desires!


Blogger AKA Content Marketer

If writing is something you love, then blogging is a perfect match out of all the remote jobs available. There are numerous ways to make money off of content marketing/blogging. You can freelance your writing skills and do some blogging services to clients. Or you can create your own blog and monetize that, by either creating affiliate links, sell advertising space, or selling your own products! Create your own ebook, or even your own course!

Best idea is to do both and practice what you preach. So create content for clients, and create your own blog, the time is now. It can take a while to get your blog recognized by Google so start now!


Graphic or Web Designer

If you describe yourself as a creative individual, then graphic design is a perfect choice for you.

You get to play with colors, shapes, typography, and so much more. It is a never ending world of learning the latest and greatest in the graphic/web design world.

Graphic designers use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, indesign, and illustrator to create visually appealing graphics. This is used for marketing purposes, such as creating logos for a clients, business cards, brochures, posters etc.

Web designers create visually appealing websites that are both easy to read, but captivate audiences to stick around and spend time on the website. A huge majority of web designers start out with WordPress, but as you get more advanced, you may learn other ways that suit your creativity better. If you love to express your creativity, then out of all the remote jobs available-Graphic and Web Design is a perfect choice for you!

Check out more on the Adobe creative suite  and see which course you want to start with first! I suggest checking out the Graphic Design and branding fundamentals course offered through Q College. They are an accredited program which means that your education is highly respected and recognized.


Web Developer

Web Developing by far, has probably the highest income out of all the remote jobs available. If you are good, you are in demand. When you are in demand, you can charge a heck of a lot to build a website for your clients. This is also not really a self taught skill, you should take a course, or go to school for it. The more skills under your belt you have, the more income you will make.

Check out the Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing program. It is recognized by the Government, and will give you an actual diploma at the end of your program. This will help with being recognized and job security.

When you have the skills under your belt, you can either ask your employer if you can work remotely, or you can start advertising your freelancing web developing skills. The world is your oyster now!


Social Media Management

If you like communicating with people, and really understand marketing, then SMO (social media optimization) is the perfect choice for you. You can work with all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. A great way to utilize your social skills and play with marketing! This is a bit different than your personal account, as you will now focus on generating leads, and gaining an audience for the company you work for. Personally, I find this the most exciting and fun career choice out of all the remote jobs.

Check out this information on Social media and SEO skills, offered by Q College.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is like a really fun game, and once you reap the rewards from Google’s rankings you feel like a champion! SEO is all about working with keywords, trends, and building relationships with reputable status in the virtual world. When you become skilled at SEO, you are in high demand, which means that you can charge a lot more for your services. The saying goes “the best place to hide a dead body is on the 10th page on a Google Search”. That explains why it is so important for a company to get on the first page! SEO is one of the most highest in demand jobs for a digital nomad. It is also one of the most rewarding.


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