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Remote Jobs that let you Travel the World – Part 2

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Remote Jobs that let you Travel the World – Part 2


Last week I wrote an article: “Remote jobs that let you travel the world“. Thank you for the awesome feedback! It’s lovely to know that I was able to help open the minds of people, helping them on their journey to living their dream lifestyle! I have compiled a second list of remote jobs that let you travel the world. Read on and just remember that you have the capabilities to do anything with your life, if you are not happy where you are-change it!



If you have a passion for photography or videography, you can make a living with it while traveling the world! There is more of a demand for video content nowadays, so take advantage of that and offer your services all over the world. Combine this with Adobe After Effects and you have a very marketable business. Offer a bundle for video tutorials, E programs, interviews and testimonials. Check out the Freelance Photography course with Q Academy that teaches the ins and outs of Photography. They also offer Adobe creative cloud courses, which is going to be useful for every single remote job there is out there.


Online Teacher

Thanks to the internet, there are are gazillions of options out in the world for teachers to travel. If you are a teacher, you do not have to be refined to the walls of your classroom. A lot of the options are teaching English, but there are many other resources out there for other types of teaching as well. VIPKID is a cool website where you can make decent money teaching Chinese children English, as well as North American culture. enables you to teach anything, to anyone from anywhere. There are many websites to find, take a look and open your mind to the realm of virtual teaching!


Affiliate Marketing

This industry is growing fast, and it is easy to see why. Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting other company’s products that you like. How sweet is that? You usually get free products, and get paid for promoting them. Remember to keep integrity and only promote products that align with your niche and products that you actually like!! In order to do this, you need to build a following and have some fans. After that, you will post custom links on your page and receive money every time that someone clicks on that link. has a ton of good information on Affiliate Marketing, check them out and learn a bit more of this wonderful opportunity of passive income!


E commerce/Drop Shipping

Having an online store is lot of hard work in the beginning, with a lot of reward after it launches- if done properly. Huge platforms such as Shopify and Amazon enable you to open up a store and sell basically anything you want, with a niche that excites you! Usually people export items from online wholesalers such as AliExpress to start out, then eventually invest in a warehouse and purchase mass quantities of products from AliBaba.



Make sure that whichever remote job you choose, that you choose something you will enjoy. When making the decision to work and travel the world, you want to enjoy your time. Remember, we are not meant to be doing the same thing for the rest of our lives, if you are not happy where you are currently- change it! Take the leap and discover a lifestyle that you truly enjoy and live your life fully!


With  love, health and happiness,

The Fit Gypsy

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