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Now is the Best Time to Learn Photography, Programming and 3D Animation

Learn Photography, Programming and 3D Animation at Q Academy

Learning shouldn’t stop when you’re done with college. It’s something every person shouldn’t graduate from, especially in a rapidly changing economy and the job market. The need for employees with extensive experience and skills continues to increase. Short courses can add that edge that will set you apart from the rest.

Whether you’re a student on summer break or a professional wishing to transition to a different career, taking up a short course, with its many definite advantages, is worth considering. Let’s explore the main ones.   

  • Learning at your own pace

With many short courses taking place via distance learning or e-learning, you can complete your program from the comfort of your own home. Self-paced distance learning is particularly beneficial for people with a busy schedule, and for advanced learners because it allows them to speed through redundant instructions. The greatest benefit of short courses, whether done via a physical campus or distance learning, is that they allow you to continue your current lifestyle while improving your skills and resume.

If you’re not very skilled in using online platforms and apps, distance learning can help build up the technical prowess that will serve you well throughout your career.  

Taking a short course will also make you a lot more flexible because you’ll gain additional skills besides your degree. Since you can take on work outside your expertise, more work opportunities can open up to you.      

A diploma or certificate course is also a good introduction to the Canadian education system. You can eventually apply for a university degree after completing your diploma. 

  • Develops new skills — fast

If you often find yourself wanting to learn something that isn’t part of your course syllabus, then short courses are your dream come true. By taking one, you can acquire skills outside your field of expertise and be ready to venture into other careers.

Short courses offer the best way to improve your technical skills. If you’re looking at learning programming or photography, short courses provide an incredible opportunity to enhance your earning potential and career prospects. Furthermore, since short courses only last from a couple of days to a whole semester, you can fast-track your way to fully understanding a particular skill. You’ll get it way faster without compromising the quality of your education.

  • Setup for success

Taking a short course is one of the best investments you can make for yourself because it can increase your chances of landing your dream job. Companies conduct training and workshops to ensure their employees remain updated with the latest industry trends. Taking a short course prior to applying to a company shows that you have the initiative to continuously learn and improve yourself. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone who has clear development goals, right?

Remember, new skills are always appreciated at work. Whether it’s 3D animation or bookkeeping, having additional skills will set you apart from your colleagues. Companies are always on the lookout for employees who show individuality and drive.

Moreover, the skills you gain from a short course can land you a job in countries experiencing a labor shortage. Many companies abroad value online certifications, and working in a foreign country is an excellent opportunity to earn more and to explore other cultures.    

  • Broadens horizons

On vacation from school? Or have you just resigned and want to take a break to contemplate on what you really want to do? Taking a short course can help you make sure you’re walking the right career path.

Since there are plenty of short courses to learn from, you can go ahead and try out one (or a few) of them and see what clicks. Sometimes all you gotta do is try. Taking up a short course will also open up opportunities for you to meet like-minded individuals from various backgrounds, helping you build professional connections and even possible lifelong friends. Who knows, one of your classmates might contact you for a job offer.

  • Turns hobbies into full-time careers

Short courses will give you a hint of what you want to pursue professionally. If you’ve always wanted to turn your interests and hobbies, which could be anything from creative writing to programming, into a career, taking up a short course is a great start.

Short courses are also a sound option for those planning to make a career shift. There is a short course you can learn for almost every interest. Use it to strategically build a career path. After all, you can be a programmer and a creative writer at the same time.

  • Keeps the mind sharp

While beneficial to those planning a career shift, short courses can help kill boredom and keep the mind stimulated. If you’re just staying at home, with nothing much to do, check out the many available online courses, and enroll in a class that suits your interest. Apart from giving you something productive to do with your spare time, short courses will give you opportunities to meet people and form relationships that may prove beneficial later on in life.    

Advance your career or get your dream job by taking our customized training programs in photography, programming, 3D animation. Learn them all at Q Academy.

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