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Nomad List: The Best Resource For Digital Nomads

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Nomad List: The Best Resource For Digital Nomads


So you are now living the most desired lifestyle as a Digital Nomad. You are probably reading this in a cafe somewhere in a country you have always wanted to go to. That’s the beauty of it all, ultimate freedom.

The problem is, how do you know where to go to next? Will it have good wifi, a quiet workspace, and affordable living accommodations? What cities are the best for meeting other digital nomads, and how do we keep up with the time zone differences for meetings back home?

Have no fear, Nomad List is here, the biggest crowdsourced database of cities in the world for digital nomads. It also contains the answers to every single one of your questions. Read on to discover why Nomad List is your hero when it comes to resources for digital nomads.


Find places to Live

Nomad List has the most extensive list of all hotspots for digital nomads, analyzing over 250, 000 data points. It contains completely detailed information about each country, city, and compares their perks. In each city, there are ratings for the nomad score, cost of living, internet speeds, fun, and safety.

Let’s say you were looking for a place specifically based on cost of living and wifi speeds. You can custom search for those keywords and it will show you the best hotspots in the world for cheap living and speedy wifi!

If you want to go somewhere specifically to meet other digital nomads, then you can also search for that, finding you the best places to live where you can make new likeminded friends!

Forum of Questions

Let’s say you have a question or even ten questions. Look on the Forum, it is guaranteed that someone has already asked that exact same question and you will find a surplus of answers there.

Anything from where to open a bank account, where to surf, to which cafe has the best coconut milkshake. It’s all there. There are experienced digital nomads on this website ready “pay it forward” and answer any questions that a new nomad wants to know.


wouldn’t it be cool to meet other like-minded digital nomads where you are living? It is said that the key to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who keep you in your highest power.

Nomad list has organized thousands of meetups from Europe, SE Asia, to Canada. You can organize a meetup, or join in on the numerous other ones that happen all year long.

If there is no meetup in your area, and you want to meet new friends, check out the list for Co-Working spot in your area. Co-Working spots will help your business thrive as a digital nomad.


Just when you think this website couldn’t get any better, they now have an online job search. Linked to a related site called Remote Ok,  you can either post a job or hunt for a new one yourself.

No matter which online career you have; from virtual assistants to WordPress developers, to cryptocurrency instructors, and software engineers, there is a job for your qualifications.


Perhaps you are not yet a digital nomad, and you are very intrigued on living this desired lifestyle. Feel free to contact us to set up a program or tutoring that is best suited for your future success.



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