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My First Official Week As A Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad | The Fit Gypsy | Q Academy

My First Official Week As A Digital Nomad


Hey everyone 🙂

My Digital Nomad adventure has finally begun! This has been a very exciting couple weeks sofar, lot’s of ups and downs with TONS of challenges to keep on top of my tasks. I thought it would be beneficial to share with you my experiences thus far. To  help prepare you for your own adventures when you, yourself, set sail and discover!

Get a Data Plan, right in the airport!

This saved me BIG TIME. Even though I was only in London, England for a few days, I decided to get a good data plan. When I arrived at my friend-of-a-friend’s place where I was staying, I realized they had no wifi! I am ever so grateful to have the opportunity to stay with them, but now thinking from a digital nomad’s perspective-I either had to bring my computer on the tube on odd hours to find a wifi cafe- or hotspot from my phone! Getting the data plan enabled me to use the hotspot from my phone to my laptop, so I could work from the comfort of where I was staying, thus, enabling me for more time to explore London! A Win-Win!


Have all your electronics- Especially your computer charged up!

This saved my life, seriously. I realized that the adapter I had for the UK was not for a 3 pin grounded power cord, which was what my Mac Air needs! I (miraculously) was able to last those 4 days in London without needing to fork out the money for a new adapter. This was all because my Mac was fully charged from the beginning. I guess this title should be-Get a MAC AIR! I am still in awe that I was able to do all my work in that time, without the battery dying on me! Bottom line- charge whenever, wherever possible.


Plan your day around the Time Zone Changes

We all understand this part, but to actually do it when you are in full exploring mode is a whole other story! This is where your editorial Calendar comes in handy. Plan your day, and all of your exploring glory around the deadlines and times that you need to be working. This actually can work magnificently with time zone changes, as when you are exploring during the day- people are sleeping back home! When you are done exploring for the day, it will actually be the proper time to start working with the clock in your original time zone. I was able to explore a majority of London, and still get all my online work done in the proper deadlines as well. Another Win-Win!


I have finally arrived in Portugal, so stay tuned for my next post on my life as a Digital Nomad. I will share all my experiences from surfing the waves to surfing the internet right here!

With love, peace and happiness,

The Fit Gypsy








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