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How to have more energy and better health

Julie French Digital Nomad

How to have more energy and better health

There are three phrases that I love to live by in order to life an energetic and optimal healthy life:

“LOVE your body, MOVE your body, FUEL your body.”


LOVE your body-

You need to realize that your mind and your body are a team. You synergistically work together to attain optimal health. You ARE in the right body, so treat it like its a gift and feed it the energies of self-gratitude, love and appreciation. Start a body loving journal, every night write down at least TEN things that you are grateful for about yourself. This includes both personality characteristics and your body characteristics.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Suess


MOVE your body

University of Georgia discovered that sedentary people who started working out 3x per week had an energy increase of over 20% and decreased their fatigue in over 60%! If you are feeling lethargic at work and sitting behind your desk… do NOT reach for anything sugary or a energy drink! Get up, take a deep breath, stretch and MOVE! Do 10 squats right where you are right now- do you feel your blood pumping and and energy boost? No matter what exercise it is, our bodies are primally designed to move, so get out there and get moving!

Another way I like to move is to dance! I can be caught doing random dance moves in grocery stores, lineups, anywhere really. Put on your favourite playlist and get your groove on!

FUEL your body

If you are not a breakfast person, or you just cannot seem to find enough time for it, plan ahead!

Make yourself a healthy smoothie for starters. No need for an expensive blender, I love using the Nutri-Bullet blender, pack it full of veggies with some fruit, coconut oil or avocado for good fats, some Fermented Vegan Protein (easiest to digest), and some Greens powder of your choice (I love Greens+ extra energy, as it has natural caffeine for an added boost of energy!), and have all of them pre made in your fridge. All you need to do is add some water, blend, and you got yourself breakfast on the go that will nourish your cells and keep your body and mind healthy and happy!

The typical, drive through coffee and bagel breakfast is a recipe for a body and mind crash! Just think, if you need to start a fire and your options are either tissues or logs to keep it going, which would you choose? Quick carbs like a muffin or bagel is like throwing tissues on a fire for energy, compared to having healthy fats like MCT oil (coconut), avocados etc is like throwing a log on a fire for energy. If you are usually fatigued halfway through the day and need a pick-me-up, remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is borrowed from tomorrow.

So instead of reaching for that energy drink or extra cup of coffee, get up- move your body, love your body, and fuel your body!

With love,

The Fit Gypsy


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