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Learning how to start my New Career as a Digital Nomad!

The Digital nomad

Hey everyone!

What a whirlwind this week has been!

Let me catch you up to date on what I’ve been learning!

During last week’s tutoring session at Q Academy, Manny taught me how to set up profiles on, and a couple other great websites where you can find work and build your experience as a Digital Nomad.

There are thousands of gigs out there to apply for, but there are also thousands of other freelancers applying for the same gigs. After some extensive research on “How to build an Epic Freelance Profile”, I thought I would share with you some key points I discovered that will help you as well.

  • STAND OUT! What makes YOU unique? What special skills, passions, interests or talents that you can add to your profile that makes you stand out from the rest?
    Sit down and write a list of 20 unique qualities and skills that best describe yourself. Then add your favorite ones to your profile, with a cool headline to add your own “Pizzazz!” Remember that you have about 0.1 seconds to stand out from the rest, so keep it short and catchy!
  • PROFILE FIRST! It seems that quite a few freelancers get so caught up in bidding for jobs, that they disregard the importance of their profile. This is the most important part!! Add some jazz and spice to your profile first, and remember you can always edit it as you go along.
  • CONFIDENCE IS KEY! How do you expect a company to believe in your skills, if you do not even believe in them yourself? Re-read that list that you wrote about your unique qualities, and know that you got this! You are capable of absolutely anything and everything, so have faith in yourself. Keep adding skills that you learn to your portfolio, as confidence comes with new skills and knowledge!

“Confidence is the best outfit that you can wear, rock it and own it!” – Author Unknown

  • BID BID BID, THEN GO LEARN AFTER! You may find some jobs that do not seem very appealing to you, or maybe you do not have the skills yet. Write a list of those skills that you need to learn. Then Call Q Academy and set up some tutoring “A La Carte” lessons to learn it all in just a few sessions!

If you do not bid first, then you won’t feel the need to learn those skills. This way you will actually make the moves for ultimate success and get that ball rolling!

    There are numerous jobs that state that fluent English is a huge asset, if English is your first language, there are no excuses for spelling or grammar mistakes. Especially since the easiest jobs to get at the start are blogging jobs, which requires great grammar and spelling skills. Write your bids in a Word document and use spell check before you send it off!

By the way…I scored my first virtual assistant contract this week, and I could not be happier!  I can’t wait to go and explore Europe while getting paid to do what I love.

Got Questions? Feel free to reach out to me below in the comment section, and I will be happy to answer any questions you have! You can reach me at [email protected]

Until Next week,

Julie French AKA The FitGypsy







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