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Lagos, Portugal: A perfect Hotspot For Digital Nomads

Lagos Portugal | Digital Nomad | The Fit Gypsy | Q Academy

Lagos, Portugal: A perfect Hotspot For Digital Nomads.


Lagos really has it all- with over 300 days of sunshine, top notch surfing, breathtaking scenery and a vibrant nightlife. This is enough to make anyone consider checking out the immigration laws to move here!

Coming from a Digital Nomad’s perspective, it gets even better than that! With numerous internet cafe’s, great coffee, a co-working spot, central location and cheap rent- it is a perfect hotspot for a digital nomad wanting to set up roots for a decent period of time.


Central Location

Since I have been here, I have been planning trips to Morocco, Spain, Switzerland and more! Traveling within Europe is incredibly cheap, and each destination has its own individual culture, history and so much to explore!


Breathtaking Scenery

Lagos is situated within a STUNNING UNESCO world heritage site. The picturesque views with the multi-hued sandstone cliffs and caves in bright contrast with the tropical turquoise blue waters is enough to make anyone postpone their return ticket and stay longer!

Digital Nomad | The Fit Gypsy | Q Academy







Affordable Cost Of Living

Especially in the off season, which just after or before the summer, accommodation is cheap. If you plan your grocery shopping well, and hit up the farmer’s market (behind the bus station) on Saturday, then you are golden for saving money on groceries. As for drinks, well… a great bottle of wine costs you about 4 euros. That alone to me is heaven!


Great Internet connection

There are numerous cute little cafe’s to get your work done and people watch at the same time. The wifi connection is pretty strong, and so are the coffees! (haha)
Two of my favorite cafe’s to work at are London Tiger Cafe and Viva Cafe. London Tiger has a cute ambiance, and dairy free/gluten free options. Viva has a printer there for you to use at your convenience, which is perfect when you do not have your own office.

There is also a Co-Working spot here, called Centro-Lagos, which if I was here longer I would join! Check out my blog on how Co-Working spaces can help you thrive as a Digital Nomad!


Great Fitness Facilities

I have signed up to CrossFit Lagos, which is located within the local Recreation Centre in Lagos. With the (very affordable) membership, this gives you access to both CrossFit, the gym, the pool, and many other classes!

If you are more of a nature fitness enthusiast, Lagos has that too!! National Geographic Labeled Lagos in the top 20 places in the entire world to SURF!


No matter your interests, from witnessing stunning scenery, to consuming delicious wine, to working online-Lagos has it all!

With love, health and Happiness,

The Fit Gypsy


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