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Increased demand for Microsoft Excel training in Victoria, BC

Increased demand for Microsoft Excel training in Victoria, BC

The booming job marketing in Victoria, BC is leading to thousands of exciting new opportunities, along with endless frustrations of employees looking to get an upper hand on the competition — and Microsoft Excel training has been the number one requirement most employers and hiring agencies are looking for.

Job interview
Stand out above the competition on your CV and in your job interview

It’s no longer an optional skill; it’s the industry standard for business professionals.

Some even say 2016 has been the summer of pivot tables and cell calculations — they’re making a comeback.

And the stats back this up. According to a labor-market analysis by Burning Glass Technologies, 78 percent of well paying “middle-skill” positions call for basic proficiency with technology, aka the Microsoft Office series, since it’s what 98 percent of offices have installed on their computers.

First you get the cubicle, and then you get Microsoft Office.

It’s a technical skill that is expected with most office jobs today, or any job that requires due diligence and organization. We’ve witnessed the increase in demand for proficiency with Excel as being one of the most commonly required skills for not only well paying mid-tier jobs, but also upper management and administrative roles.

Microsoft Excel training Victoria, BC
Excel gives you the ability to create data-driven charts

Maybe that is leading the demand for Microsoft Excel training here in the booming job market of Victoria, BC. Our team at Q Academy paired with Smart Dolphins to host several Lunch and Learns this summer that offered Microsoft Excel Level I and Level II training. The response was overwhelming from the Victoria business community who jumped at the opportunity to learn such a critical tool for enhancing workplace productivity.

Microsoft Excel training Victoria, BC at Lunch and Learn
Microsoft Excel Level I training at Smart Dolphins’ Lunch and Learn

Our lead Microsoft Excel instructor Margo Davidson-Wood has been teaching students, employees, and business owners how to maximize their Excel expertise for over 20 years, and she believes the increased demand for Excel is due to it being an advantage to score great jobs.

“People with strong skills in MS Excel have long been at a premium,” says Margo.

“You can make yourself stand out by becoming a power-user. Excel is undoubtedly the most widely used financial accounting, forecasting and database desktop application in common use. Nearly every PC has this package installed these days.”

Careers that use Excel include business intelligence analyst, finance/accounting professionals, management consultants, administrative professionals, and marketers. This category continues to expand with programmers and developers finding use in the organizational abilities of Microsoft Excel.

Having proficiency or expertise with Microsoft Excel can help you earn a promotion, get into a higher salary bracket — or help your resume to standout above the competitors’ that say “works well with people” or “strong communication, customer service and organizational skills.”

Microsoft Excel certification provides evidence of your technical aptitude in a way that impresses employers by having formal training; this shows you didn’t just watch a YouTube tutorial on how to re-order columns — you know how to create data-driven charts for office presentations, or you can calculate profit margins through cell calculations.

We’ve seen the impact that Microsoft Excel training can have and that’s why we have been leading Excel courses aimed at helping people reach their career goals through personalized, customized training.

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