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Imagine the places you can work in!

Julie French Digital Nomad Office Stretches

Imagine the places you can work in!


As a Digital Nomad, you fulfill your freedom lifestyle because you get to choose your place of work. Most of the time those places will be coffee shops, a cute cafe, awesome co-working spaces, and funky cafes that you discover along your journey!


There is one café that, in all of my travels, stands out from ALL the cafes I’ve ever been to (trust me, that is a LOT of Cafes!). This café just so happens to be in my hometown of Victoria BC. You get more than just delicious (actually its  amazing- smooth Brazilian beans) coffee and great food when you go to “Imagine Studio Café”.  You can almost feel the good vibes and energy when you step inside as the lovely staff greets your arrival. The decor is very charming and gives you a sense of  warmth and zen. The seats are comfortable, and of course, the Wi-Fi is top notch!


The story

When I met the owner of this lovely cafe, Dorothy Morrison, and asked her a few questions about Imagine, I was completely “wowed” and in AWE by her love and passion for the community. With a background in Community Development and Intercultural Communications, as well as a passion to help others, her face absolutely lit up as she shared her love for people and helping them recognize their abilities. There are 11 employees on staff, most which are at-risk youth with ages ranging from 14-24. Some of these youth have been in life situations where it seems that their only options left are jail, death or treatment. It is so heart-warming to see these gratifying youth whom have been given a second chance, a sense of purpose and acceptance!

They also offer workshops where you can learn how to make First Nation’s jewelry, drums, dream catchers, and moccasins. Or you can also come in for a yoga class in the evenings, and check out live music on special nights as well!

When I come here to work on my laptop, I get so much more than just coffee and a work space. I get a sense of community, love, health, and acceptance. <3

Check out this awesome Feature done by Veronica Cooper Victoria Foundation:





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