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How to Use Excel Like A Pro: Simple Excel Tricks

Microsoft Excel

Key Points at a Glance:

  • Microsoft Excel can allow you to increase your productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills enable your team to make professional spreadsheets.
  • For handling reports and records, Microsoft Excel is the most crucial tool in business.


One of the most advanced tools for working with raw data—and one of the most feared—is the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The application appears to be difficult, far too sophisticated and would take hours to figure out. You can bring Microsoft Excel down to your level and start looking at it in a new way by learning a few spreadsheet techniques. There are still a lot of valuable tips and methods that get neglected. Here are a few Excel spreadsheet tricks that you may not be aware of.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet-based data visualization and analysis program that uses formulae and functions to store, organize, and track data sets. Marketers, accountants, data analysts, and other professionals utilize Excel. It’s a component of the Microsoft Office suite. Google Sheets and Numbers are two alternatives.

What is Microsoft Excel used for?

 Large volumes of data are stored, analysed, and reported using Excel. Accounting teams frequently use it for financial analysis, but it can be used by anybody to manage large, cumbersome datasets. Balance sheets, budgets, and editorial calendars are just a few examples of Excel apps. 

With These 8 Simple Tricks, You Can Work with Excel Data Like a Pro.

One-Click to Select All

You may be familiar with the Ctrl + A shortcut for selecting all, but few are aware that all data may be selected in seconds with just one click of the corner button.

Create a New Shortcut Menu

Save, Undo Typing, and Repeat Typing are the three most common shortcuts on the top menu. If you’d like to use more shortcuts, such as Copy and Cut, you can do so as follows: Add Cut and Copy from the left column to the right column under File->Options->Quick Access Toolbar, then save. Two more shortcuts have been added to the top menu.

Open Excel Files in Bulk

When you have numerous files to handle, rather than opening them one by one, there is a convenient approach to open them all with one click. Select the files you want to open and then press the Enter key on your keyboard; all of the files will open at the same time.

Speedily Move and Copy Data in Cells

If you want to move one column of data in a spreadsheet quickly, select it and move the cursor to the border. When the pointer transforms into a crossed arrow icon, drag to freely move the column. What if you need to copy the information? Before dragging to relocate, hold down the Ctrl key; the new column will copy all of the selected data.

Speedily Delete Blank Cells

For various reasons, certain default data will be blank. If you need to eliminate these to ensure accuracy, particularly when computing the average value, the quickest method is to filter out all blank cells and delete them all at once. Choose the column you want to filter, navigate to Data->Filter, undo Select All when the downward button appears, and then select Blanks as the last choice. All blank cells will appear right away. Return to Home and select Delete from the drop-down menu; all of them will be deleted.

Shift Between Different Microsoft Excel Files

It’s quite inconvenient to switch between spreadsheets when you have several open because working on the wrong sheet might completely derail a project. You can effortlessly switch between different files by pressing Ctrl + Tab. This function applies to other files as well, such as different Windows tabs in Firefox while running Windows 7.

Generate a Unique Value in a Column

Although you are aware of Filter’s main purpose, few people are aware of Advanced Filter, which is used frequently when you need to filter a unique value from data in a column. Go to Data->Advanced after selecting the column. There will be a pop-up window. Click Copy to another position, which should correspond to the second red rectangular region, as shown in the screenshot. Then type the value or click the area-choosing button to choose the target place. Column C can be used to generate the unique age, which will be displayed in Column E in this case. Remember to choose Only unique records, then click OK. Because the unique value in column E may differ from the original data in column C, it is recommended that you copy it to a different location.

Rename a Sheet Using Double Click

Renaming sheets can be done in a variety of ways, but most users will simply right-click and select Rename, which wastes a lot of time. The simplest method is to simply click twice, after which you can rename it straight.

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