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How to List Microsoft Office Skills on a Resume


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When applying for a job, including Microsoft skills on your resume can exemplify to employers that you have the capabilities to accomplish any documents and presentation tasks that are required for the position. These skills, which are required for the majority of jobs today, can position you as a highly promising candidate with companies. It’s critical to include any Microsoft Office skills you have to offer a company when you customize your resume’s skills section. In this article, we’ll go over why Microsoft skills are important, what kinds of skills you should include, and how to list Microsoft Office skills.

Importance of Microsoft Office skills

Microsoft Office skills are the techniques that a person learns when using Microsoft Office programs. They demonstrate a person’s background knowledge and experience with some of the most popular Office programs, which are often used to create documents, keynotes, and organize communications. Candidates with these abilities are often productive for the organization, so including them on your resume can be beneficial.

Types Of Microsoft Office Skills

 Microsoft Office is a set of software tools; it is vital to know the functions that each one performs. This way, you’ll have a strong way of exploring each tool further and determining when and how to use them. The three most commonly used software applications are listed below.

  • Excel is a spreadsheet program that can be used to perform calculations of varying complexity. If you know how to use formulas and integrated functions, you can solve mathematical calculations in seconds and with ease. You can also easily manage, filter, store, and sort data on this. You can also use pivot tables and graphs to represent the data you’ve saved here.
  • Word – This is a word processing software that can be used for anything. You can type your content in continuous text and then set the layout of the document based on your needs. Again, depending on your needs, you can keep it simple or make it more elaborate. If necessary, you can include tables, footnotes, indexes, and illustrations. Almost all businesses use Word, so knowing how to use it efficiently will be extremely beneficial to your work. This also applies to students who will need to use Word in assignments and projects, as well as on a daily basis.
  • PowerPoint – This is useful for both businesses and university students to create impactful and professional presentations. You can animate your presentations and add texture, color, or designs as desired, and you can also print out copies of your slides so that those listening to your presentation can take notes.

Benefits of listing Microsoft Office skills on a resume

Companies frequently use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which are all part of Microsoft Office 365 Business. They may also make use of Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint to facilitate teamwork. Microsoft Office is, in fact, the most widely used tool for documenting, managing information, making presentations, and data processing. As a result, regardless of your industry, Microsoft Office efficiency is usually a required skill for most positions.

Many positions require basic knowledge of the most popular Microsoft Office programs, and you should consider including those skills on your resume. If you have limited work experience, listing Microsoft Office skills can be a great way to fill out a resume. Include any skills that are directly related to the position or are listed as a requirement in the job description.

To further highlight yourself as a candidate, you should also showcase any intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office skills.

Where Can I Find Microsoft Office Online Courses?

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How can Q Academy Learning help you? 

While beginners are urged to enroll in any of the individual Microsoft Office courses, those with a basic understanding of the suite can swiftly improve their skills by earning a combined Microsoft Office course certification.

From creating professional presentations and formatting worksheets to navigating new email systems, our Microsoft Office training courses cover it all. You can develop your abilities and boost your employability by combining your Microsoft Office training with a related Q Academy program of study. Microsoft Office training is frequently combined with Microsoft Excel and Word courses. So, why not contact Q Academy and start learning Microsoft Office skills and add Microsoft Office course certification to your resume?

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