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Four signs it is time to make a career change

Career Change | The Fit Gypsy

Four signs it is time to make a career change


The average person makes a career change ten to fifteen times during his or her lifetime. The times of settling and staying put are over.

We really are not meant to be in the same career for our entire lifetime, so why stay when you are craving a change?

Even more importantly, when do you know that it is time to make the switch?

If you feel that you want to add some more passion and purpose into your working life, read on to discover if it is time for you to make that leap.


Your authenticity remains dormant

If your current career does not allow you to add your own “spice” to the workplace, then it becomes impossible to contribute to your highest potential. We all have our unique ways of thinking, doing, and acting-that’s what makes us authentic.

We are all put here on this planet to contribute our individuality, that is what makes this world an exciting place to live. Just think of how boring life would be if everyone acted, processed, and thought the same!

If we are not able to embrace that in our jobs, we become “dead” inside. It is so rewarding to be able to bring our own creativity to the table in the workforce. If there is no room for your input… it is time to make a switch to a career that welcomes your creativity with open arms.


No room for growth

When you show up to work, do you automatically switch to autopilot? Do you feel that you could do your job in your sleep?

A lack of challenge leads to a lack of drive, determination, and confidence. Staying put within that comfort zone bubble will slowly eat away at your confidence and lead to an unfulfilling life.

If your current employer is not providing you with enough challenges, and you feel like you are not able to grow with the company, that is a surefire sign to switch to a workplace that does.


Uncomfortable work environment

This one boggles my mind to no end. Why do people settle with uncomfortable workplaces?

If you add up all the hours of the week, you will probably realize that you spend more time at work than you do in places you actually enjoy. If you do not like where you work, you are constantly in a feeling of negative, unhappy energy. Add up all those hours of unhappy energy- that is a recipe for stress, and eventually sickness.

A demanding, rude employer has the power to create negative work conditions which ultimately- will lead to animosity in the workplace. So eventually you will have a boss that you cannot relate to, and co-workers all stirring in negative energy. Yuck.

I have one word for you, “LEAVE”.  Actually two words, “LEAVE NOW”.

Life is too short to settle and stick to an uncomfortable environment.

Just like a bad relationship, the longer you stick around, the harder it will be to leave.


Not Rewarded for your efforts.

Are you working in a land of false promises? Do you hear words of possible rewards but do not see any actions?

39% of employees feel under appreciated at work, with 77% reporting that they would work harder if they felt better recognized.

An employer has many opportunities to reward you for your hard work;

  • benefits
  • Stock Options
  • Increased Salary
  • Mentorship
  • Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Courses on professional development

A lack of recognition will not only affect your drive, but also affects the company you work for. You eventually become complacent, and lose integrity within the workplace. This is not good for your professional development. Approach your employer, and if there is no dice-time to find another place that will appreciate you.


Lack of excitement and passion

Just like I mentioned above, if you are not able to add your own “pizazz” to the workplace, worklife can become very dull and boring.

What are your passions in life? What makes you excited, and makes your blood just BOIL? If the answer to that is not related in any way to your current career choice, you are in the wrong workplace.

Maybe you want to be your own boss, and start up your own company that makes a difference in this world. 

Perhaps you just want a change in lifestyle, maybe travel a bit more-have more freedom! 

If you need to go back to school, think of how great of a challenge that would be.

Have you ever thought about becoming a digital nomad? It is a very rewarding lifestyle, with many options to express your individuality and make a ton of money.

Check out the Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing course, the opportunities available with that education are incredible!






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