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Five Ways Microsoft 365 Training Improves Employee Productivity

Productive employees don’t just materialize. They need to be cultivated and nurtured by the employers who value their employees’ skills and abilities.

As it turns out, work environments where employees have opportunities for professional growth and development isn’t just good for boosting employee morale. Employee development is also very good for business growth.

MS Office 365 is A Solid Foundation.

MS Office 365 may be the most widely used software in the business world. It’s ease of use and adaptability are favoured features that appeal to business and personal users alike. Found practically everywhere business and personal computers are used, Microsoft Office 365 is employed in almost every industry, be it professional, technical, service, or, even medical.

Those without experience in MS Office skills are, therefore, at a distinct disadvantage in today’s tech-centric workforce. And, those with outdated or underdeveloped MS Office skills can significantly undermine their potential to be efficient.

Providing training to employees in MS Office 365 skills is a positive way to effectively improve employee competency. At the same time competency increases, company efficiency can also be improved. MS Office training across all departments is an equalizing skill that employees can use to level up from.

a group of penguins communicatingMS Office Improves Company Communication.

MS Office has the power to improve communication practices within business settings. It can potentially bring team members together while simultaneously streamline information sharing.

When employees are equally versed and adept in the same communication tools, like MS Outlook, less effort is spent carrying out information exchanges. MS Outlook training can direct employee time and effort toward task accomplishment.

Communication, data management, and workplace organization practices rely heavily on MS Office for maintaining good productivity and successful workflows. Employees that are not at ease in all things MS Office may limit their organization’s ability to maintain optimal productivity.

Make MS Office 365 training a priority for your workplace and see improved results in communication.

MS Office Promotes Evolution.

Evolution in the workplace can be a slow and, sometimes painstaking, development process. But, evolution is necessary and, if allowed, can be guided towards improving workplace processes.

chrysalis evolving into a butterflyMS Office is no exception to evolution’s love of agility.  MS Word, MS Excel, and other MS applications have been adapting to human wants and needs with routine precision over the course of its entire 25-plus year history.

MS Office users, especially employees, that don’t keep up with the software’s improvements and changes will eventually become like the original version of MS Office – obsolete.

Help employees stay relevant and up-to-date in their MS Office skills by offering training in the latest versions of MS Office.

MS Office 365 is Built for Dynamic Offices.

MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, and MS Outlook may be the MS applications seasoned MS Office users automatically think of at the mention of office software, but, MS Office 365 has options beyond MicroSoft’s original workhorses that complement today’s dynamic office culture.

Accessible and well-rounded, MS Office applications like MS OneNote and MS SharePoint are excellent programs that promote user engagement and team member integrations. Project work can be developed, shared, and tweaked with using these programs, by multiple users, in a manner that promotes data organization and maximizes efficiency.

MS Office 365 Training is Ideal for Victoria’s Workspaces.

The tech industry has finally discovered the beauty and benefits of Victoria, BC. With over 15,000 people employed within Victoria’s tech sector in 2017, staying tech savvy has never been more relevant than it is now within BC’s capital city.

Staying tech relevant requires having employees with strong tech foundations. Which is why MS Office training is a strong choice business owners can provide their employees.

Giving employees the opportunity to acquire the career-boosting power of MS Office 365 will undoubtedly leave them with a sense of engagement and the ability to increase efficiency.

Employee Productivity Begins with Q Academy.

Q Academy has experienced educators that know your industry and what your unique technology needs are. Q Academy offers courses Victoria business owners can use to improve employee efficiency. Professional development in the workplace also leads to meaningful employee engagement while boosting productivity.

Work teamReady to engage your employees and boost business potential? Connect with one of our Q Academy consultants today to learn how to effectively engage your employees!

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