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Five Signs That You Should Become a Programmer

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Five Signs That You Should Become a Programmer

Being a programmer has a plethora of benefits. Learning how to speak the code of a computer can open up many doors of opportunity for you. You could have your own technition company, you could become a freelancer and code from around the world, the options are endless really.

I’m sure that if you got this far, you understand the benefits of becoming a programmer. The only problem is, are you made for this type of work? This is not the career type where you can  know it all. There is never ending challenges and new things are changing all the time. How do you know this career choice is right for you?

Read on to discover five signs that you are made for programming

You Love New Challenges

In the online freelance world, there is no greater challenge than that of becoming a programmer. To others, it looks like some form of alien communication, to you, it’s language.

The challenging part of programming is that it is never ending, you will never master it as it is always changing. This can also be very exciting at the same time. If you love a never ending challenge, and look forward to always staying on top of the game, then programming is for you.

You Have Incredible Patience

This is not something you can learn overnight, neither in an online course. This is a career that is best learnt in a classroom so that you can have proper hands-on teaching. That being said, depending on how you soak up the information, the learning curve is quite long.

Don’t expect to go start your coding career after the first week, but if you keep on it you will reach that “AHA” moment and it will become easier from then on.

Creativity is Your Strong Suit

Once you have a working knowledge of the language of coding, you can start to embrace your creativity. There are several ways to solve coding problems, and you get to be creative on coming up with your own solutions. The more education you have in programming, the more you can put the peices of the puzzle together and add your own flavor to get the job done.

You Embrace Uncertainty and Love Freedom

If you dance to the beat of your own drum,  like making your own schedules and can still meet deadlines, then this is the perfect career path for you. You have the option of working in a cubicle for a company, or working remotely and working from anywhere in the world!

Keep in mind you will need great time management skills to balance work and exploring  new countries. If you can embrace the “workation” lifestyle, than you are set for success as a freelancing programmer!

You Have a Passion For Computers

Just to make this clear, if you are not passionate about learning the language of computers, do not become a programmer! This career choice is not one for people whom just want to make money while traveling. You have to be absolutely in love with , and have a deep curiousity for coding.

Passion is what is going to keep you going on a late night project. Once you crack the code, there is more and more to learn, and with passion you soak it up like a sponge! Without a burning desire to learn more, your attempts to grasp the code will become extremely challenging.


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