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Essential Supplements to take with you for travel

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Essential Supplements to Take With You For travel.

The supplements you take with you while traveling can really make or break your travels. We all know that feeling of an unhappy stomach, and we do our best to avoid it…except for that very tempting street food! Here is a list of the top supplements to take for your travels.

Travel supplements #1  – Probiotics

Probiotics will strengthen your good gut bacteria, keeping your intestinal flora nice and strong. With all these antibiotics in our foods (and medicine of course), that reaps havoc on our gut and kills off the good bacteria-along with the bad bacteria. Probiotics can counteract that effect on the good bacteria, saving our digestive systems. They will help keep your stomach nice and strong to fight off the bad guys (bad bacteria) that may try and invade from eating foods that you probably shouldn’t have! Ideally, Probiotics should be taken all the time and not just for travel!

My favorite probiotic is the Dr Ohhira’s vegetarian capsules, they do not have to be refrigerated!


Travel supplements #2 – Activated Charcoal

This supplement is an absolute miracle. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times that it has saved me or someone I was traveling with. Not only does it trap toxins and chemicals, preventing a lot of the environmental toxins from being absorbed by your body, but it also absorbs the bacteria that is responsible for stomach bugs. That means, yes… you can possibly escape the horrendous experience of being stuck in a bathroom for 24 hours or more. Get it. I like Organika activated charcoal, As there is a high amount per capsule, therefore you do not need too many.


Travel supplements #3 – Oil Of Oregano

Oil Of Oregano is a wonderful anti bacterial and anti microbial. If you tend to catch colds from the recycled air on an airplane, then this is a necessity for you. This wonderful supplement can fight infections and offer immune support, thus making it essential for travel! I love the Extra Strength Oil of Oregano by Botanica Health. It is potent, but it really works. They also have capsules if you cannot handle the potent taste of the Oregano.


Travel supplements #4 – Melatonin

Melatonin is hormone that is naturally produced by the pineal gland, a common supplement that people use as a sleep aid. The truth about melatonin is that it should not be used as a sleep aid all the time- it should be used as a sleep regulator and help your body fix your sleeping schedule that may be altered due to jet-lag! Take it 20-30 minutes before sleep, or 30 minutes prior to your targeted bedtime in the time zone where you will be arriving. I love the Sleep+ Time Release by Genuine Health, as it will release melatonin slowly throughout the night, helping you to stay asleep.


Travel supplements #5 – Protein bars!

Protein bars can get very confusing for many people. There is bucketloads of ingredients in most of them, making them more of a glorified chocolate bar than a food supplement!
Look for ones with lower sugar content than protein, making sure the sugar is a natural source, not refined, and NOT synthetic (Sucralose, Aspartame etc). Also keep in mind that the ingredient list should not contain ingredients that you do not understand what they are! If it isn’t food… then what is it?? Eeek, all those chemicals, talk about getting bloated!

If you are on the go a lot, walking around and not planning on going to a restaurant any time soon, or even wanting to save some money from eating out, bring some of these handy snacks with you! I LOVE the fermented vegan protein bars by Genuine Health. They will NOT make you bloated like most protein bars will. The hard to digest vegan proteins have basically been “opened” therefore, they will not make you bloated as your body tries to break them down. These bars also have low sugar, high protein, and taste deeeeelicious!!


Travel Supplements #6 – Digestive Enzymes

I always say, you are NOT what you eat, you are what you DIGEST!

While you are traveling, you are ingesting so many new foods with sooo many new ingredients that your body is probably not used to eating. Therefore, you can get bloated, irritable, gassy, and feeling just all around yucky. A good full spectrum digestive enzyme will help you break down those foods into the nutrients that our bodies need and keep our gut healthy and happy. I love the complete Megazymes by Natural Factors, as it has all the enzymes you need for various foods.


Supplement #7 – Greens Supplement

Most of the time while traveling, we either ignore the healthy foods with vegetables, have vegetables that have been overly cooked, or we avoid them because in some countries they are full of bacteria. I tend to go to most countries where vegetables is not always that common, unless its Bali… I LOVE how healthy the food is in Bali! For most of my traveling, I take a greens powder supplement with me, it usually becomes my best friend.

I love the euphoric feeling that you get after giving your body a blast of nutrients! My favorite greens supplement is  Greens+ Extra Energy by Genuine Health.  Seriously, this company has amazing integrity with their products! There are so many studies done on their greens, proving it is the best one to get into the cell wall, feeding your cells the nourishment it needs.
It contains tons of:

  • fibre
  • antioxidants
  • vegetables
  • tastes delicious
  • helps with vitality and mental clarity
  • Gives you a boost of energy
  • comes with an adaptogenic formula

The energy comes from Kola nut and taurine, which gives you an energy kick without the crash. Then they put in an adaptogenic formula which will protect your adrenal glands from environmental stress and the added energy.


Being a digital Nomad and a wanderlust for travel, I rely on these Supplements to keep my body healthy and happy. I hope you try them out on your next big adventure as well!

With Love and happiness,

The Fit Gypsy




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