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Entrepreneurship, Athletics and the Similarities

Athletes Entrepreneurs

The pursuit of athletic excellence and entrepreneurial success are very similar in many ways. Dedicated athletes and serious entrepreneurs exhibit many of the same characteristics. If you dream of succeeding as an entrepreneur or making waves as an elite athlete, you should keep reading this post.

  1. You must be fully committed. In order to succeed as an athlete or an entrepreneur, you have to give it your all. People may call you “obsessed” and “crazy” but you must keep giving it everything you’ve got in order to increase your likelihood of success.
  2. It’s not all glamorous. The media often glamorizes successful athletes and entrepreneurs. However, prior to starting your entrepreneurial or athletic journey, you must realize that there will be obstacles along the way. As someone who has done both, I can assure you that both the athletic and the entrepreneurial lifestyles bring many challenges. That being said, succeeding in both of those things is possible and it feels awesome when you achieve certain milestones.
  3. You will face plenty of resistance. There will always be naysayers and detractors who don’t believe in you, or your idea. Tuning out negativity, while at the same time listening to constructive feedback, could potentially help you. There is a huge difference between Negative Nellies and people who offer constructive criticism that want to genuinely help you. Therefore, learn to decipher the difference.
  4. Everyone can benefit from coaching and mentorship. Both entrepreneurs and athletes can increase their likelihood of success if they get proper coaching and mentorship. When choosing a coach or a mentor, it’s very important to choose someone who will give you honest feedback. You also need to ensure that your coach believes in you and/or your idea. Your coach or mentor should also be one of your biggest supporters. You should feel comfortable voicing your concerns to your mentor without being judged.
  5. Maintaining relationships can be challenging. Both athletes and entrepreneurs tend to really focus on their endeavours. Therefore, it’s hard to make time for people who don’t understand the commitment level required to seriously pursue a sport or run a business. There is no reason to feel guilty about it. If you feel like you are not getting support from your friends because you are pursuing your dreams, then maybe it’s time to find new friends.
  6. Growth comes from outside the comfort zone. In order to reach your full potential, you must not let fear hold you back. Both athletes and entrepreneurs know that they must constantly push their own boundaries in order to get better.
  7. Self-doubt often creeps in. Both athletes and entrepreneurs know that success is not guaranteed. A little bit of self-doubt is ok. However, you must not let it get the best of you. You will always wonder if you are doing the right thing and that is normal. However, self-doubt becomes an issue when it’s at the forefront of every action you take.
  8. Things don’t always go as planned. Your business plan might look fantastic on paper and you might have the best training plan, however, unforeseen circumstances may arise. The key is to accept it, learn how to deal with it and keep moving forward. You may need to alter your plans a bit to reach your goal but remember there’s always multiple paths to take to reach a destination.
  9. Don’t let success go to your head. Always be grateful for every target you achieve. Don’t let success send your ego into the stratosphere. Always stay grounded and humble. Regardless of how much you accomplish, #8 can happen to anyone.
  10. Carve your own path. There are many roads to success. There is not one single definitive formula that will guarantee athletic and entrepreneurial success. Although general guidelines exist, every successful athlete and entrepreneur dealt with their own unique set of challenges to get to where they are.
  11. Become self-aware. It’s important to learn your strengths and weaknesses, regardless if you are an entrepreneur or an athlete. You must also learn your likes and dislikes. You must have a good reason for why you started your journey so that when the going gets tough, you will persevere. Furthermore, you have to learn to recognize what motivates you.

As you can see, becoming an athlete and becoming an entrepreneur share many of the same characteristics. If you’re looking for athletic coaching or small business mentorship, there are many options available to you.

By Yana the Cubicle Dweller

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