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Why Coworking spaces will help you thrive as a Digital Nomad

Coworking Spaces | Digital Nomad

Why Coworking spaces will help you thrive as a digital nomad


After reading my article about Becoming a cubicle survivor, you are probably now considering about starting your journey as a digital nomad. Now that you are starting your own journey, you will come across the name “Coworking spaces” . Essentially, a coworking space is the most perfect environment that you could put yourself in while you work along your travels.


Coworking spaces, which are defined as membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting.  According to Harvard Business Review, there are numerous benefits such as increased knowledge, increased productivity, loads of inspiration, learning new skills, family-like atmospheres, and even newfound business partners.


Your Vibe attracts your tribe, Your tribe creates your vibe.

Just as the saying goes ” You are who you surround yourself with” . While working at coworking spaces, you are surrounded with other likeminded, passionate entrepreneurs whom are on the same journey. You now have a whole new group of friends that you can brainstorm with, collaborate with, learn off of each other, and keep each other accountable. You may only be in that space for a month as you pass through that location, but be sure that you will create life long friends and new accountability partners, whom could eventually become a collaborative business partner someday!

Possibility of a New mentorship

Just think about how many successful entrepreneurs that travel around as digital nomads. While working in coworking spaces, you can meet a diverse number of entreprenuers and when time permits-ask them questions! You may make a real cool bond with someone very knowledgable and successful, whom would love to pay it forward and help someone who is just starting out. I have heard this story countless times, of how someone excelled in their Digital Marketing business because they met someone at a coworking space that ended up becoming their mentor/coach!

A great sense of community and inspiration

While traveling for lengthy periods of time, some people start to develop a sense of “isolation” and loneliness. Working alone while at a regular cafe can still feel lonely at times, as everyone around you is there for different reasons. One of the top benefits of coworking spaces are that everyone is there for the same purpose. You are literally in an atmosphere that is set up for success. Everyone is on the same page, and when the timing is right- you can brainstorm ideas with newfound friends over a cup of Joe- developing new business ideas, friendships, and traveling mates all at the same time. Most Coworking Spaces have weekly meetups, luncheons, or workshops where everyone shares their knowledge, helping each other to grow!


More productivity, less distractions

While surrounding yourself with others whom are hard at work, it is impossible not to get into that productivity groove as well! These people mean business-literally. This is so much more than a cafe, although coworking spaces also offer great food and drinks as well! Just think- no big distractions such as crying babies, loud conversations, and people roaming around.


Want to know where to find a great coworking space? Easy!

Check out the website Nomad List, then find a city you want to explore, then click on Coworking!


Happy journeys everyone!

The Fit Gypsy

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