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Free Webinars

Avail of these free webinars hosted by industry professionals within the Q Academy network.

The ever changing Tech world and how to keep up

Q Academy continues to be a pioneer in providing tech training in British Columbia. Our Director of Recruitment and Sales, Rachael McPherson will share tips on how to keep up with the demands of a fast paced and ever changing environment.

Innovative Partnerships with Q Academy

Collaboration is one of the best ways to adapt to today’s fast-paced world. Know how Q Academy leverages innovative partnerships to deliver the best service to it’s clients. Rachael McPherson, Director of Recruitment and Sales will walk you through in this session.

Importance of your Online Presence

In this highly digitized world, your digital footprint is important. Know the importance of your online presence and some tips on managing it. Our Director of Recruitment and Sales, Rachael McPherson will join you in this session.

Getting to Know Q Academy

Q Academy is one of the best tech-based training providers in British Columbia. Learn about our services and why we have thrived in this industry for more than a decade. Join Rachael McPherson, Director of Recruitment and Sales in this session.

Build Partnerships Across Borders: The Importance of Collaboration

Collaboration is an essential part of any professional relationship. Thrive as a partnership professional with best practices and insights. Learn how to: build relationships between individuals and groups, consider an intercultural approach and other successful strategies.

Advancing your career and business with relevant skills

Join Rachael McPherson, Director of Recruitment and Sales as she discusses tips for employers and employees on how to keep employees motivated and how to be a productive employee. Also know why you should have a “keep on learning” attitude!

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Have a happy tummy and a happy mind with our Lunch and Learn sessions! See our available sessions below and sign up here

Managing your social media

Understanding what Social Media accounts your child is on

Intro to Google Drive

Intro to 365 Outlook

Intro to 365 Excel

Intro to 365 Word

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Q Academy works with the most innovative, sustainable industries and we continue to review all the major skills gaps across the globe. We’re looking for industry leaders and academic partners to help us create courses for upgrading skills within growing sectors across globe. We’d love to work with you to build something great!

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With so many companies looking for great talent why not look take your needs directly to Q Academy and ensure your candidates have all the most update skills they need. Hire Great Talent without the high costs of some job search platforms or services.

Become a Training Partner!

Q Academy works with thosands of business across the globe and we have become several business go to training partners for the past 5 years.

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