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CompTIA Training Suite

CompTIA Training Victoria

Careers in Computer and Device repair are in demand and the CompTIA Training Suite will help you achieve a great one!

As a society, we have learned to love and embrace our devices and technology. We have integrated them into all aspects of daily life to make our lives more efficient, but what happens when it fails? Who amongst us has not freaked out when seeing the “blue screen of death”, or started banging harder on the keyboard to try to force a program to work? We all have.

When technology fails us, we feel extremely frustrated extremely quickly. When we feel that frustration, we seek those amongst us who can troubleshoot and fix our problem. Do you ever ask yourself where people, who repair computers, cell phones, and tablets, get their skills? It is “black magic” to those of us who have technology problems, and those that have the skills are simply magicians. The truth is, that it’s not magic, it’s proper training.

Now, this “training” can take many forms. It could be in the form of a multi year Computer Science degree, but obtaining that degree is costly and takes many years. This avenue is simply not an option for many people that I run into, and they ask me if there is a shorter option that provides an entry point into the world of IT and computer/device repair. There absolutely is: The CompTIA Training Courses.

The CompTIA training suite of courses are the current “industry standard” for IT professionals. IT professionals who currently hold CompTIA Certifications have that certification for a period of 3 years and then they’re required to requalify via an online test.

The entry point for anyone looking to get into IT is CompTIA A+. The CompTIA A+ course consists of two parts: 901 which focuses on computer hardware, and 902 which focuses on computer software and operating systems. The course is accompanied by two exams to achieve the official CompTIA A+ Certification.

As a technology institution, we work with many IT Companies. We know from them that, individuals who possess the CompTIA A+ Certification and the CompTIA Network + Certification are highly desirable, potential hires for entry level positions. These are positions like help desk analyst, service coordinator, etc.

Companies like Shaw Communications, Telus, and London Drugs, all send their service technicians for CompTIA training as part of their corporate training. So this means, individuals looking to work with these companies who already have CompTIA training have a competitive advantage over those who do not. These are great companies who offer great career paths for those with an aptitude for technology. For individuals looking for a solid career path with companies that offer good benefits and room for growth, CompTIA Training provides the skills required to obtain these jobs.

If anyone is thinking that the need for employees who have the skills to repair and maintain computer systems and networks is not growing, then they need to think again. As technology advances, there will always be an ongoing need for individuals with the skills to repair and maintain these devices and systems. If you’re interested in learning more about the CompTIA Training Suite, then visit our link at Q Academy, located in Victoria BC.


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