Q Academy Conducts Free AI Training in Association of ICC and Mo Schools

Q Academy

On October 21st, a Canada-based company, Q Academy, in collaboration with the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Odisha (ICC), launched a two-month free hands-on training program on Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Language for Class 9th and 10th students of Capital High School, Bhubaneswar, as part of the Mo School programme. Soumendra Kumar Priyadarshi inaugurated the […]

Best top 5 colleges to study in Canada

Typing on laptop

Studying in Canada ought to be among the top international education destinations when it comes to studying abroad.  The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported in 2012 that Study in Canada is the most educated nation in the world. It ranks first globally for the percentage of adults with tertiary education, with 51% […]

Customer Service Training Programs: Benefits for Business

Customer Service Training

Customer service training is one of the most acceptable ways to improve customer satisfaction and increase client retention. But why are programs for customer service training necessary, and how can they help your company? Let’s get started. The significance of quality customer service training Customer service takes center stage in creating a successful firm, even […]

Best Sales Strategies for B2B to Win More Customers

B2B Sales Strategy

Introduction: For your B2B organization, employing the appropriate sales strategies is essential. Giving clients a purpose to buy from you by raising the value of your goods and services is the best method to gain their business. One of the many strategies that businesses can use to raise the value of their goods and services […]

10 Best Basic Computer Courses List for Beginners

Basic Computer Course

Introduction: People have been replaced by technology in the modern environment. This is one of the reasons why computers are used and important; both are growing daily, as is the importance of computer courses. The greatest feature is that, given the current situation, both the career scope and the compensation package are excellent. With numerous […]

Advantages of Computer Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals

Computer Fundamentals

Introduction: The benefit of being certified in Computer Fundamentals is nearly as obvious as saying ‘good day.’ In today’s world, where everything has a computer element embedded in it, knowing the fundamentals of this wonderful machine is like having a magic key that can open any door for you. The advantages of taking a computer […]

How to Use Excel Like A Pro: Simple Excel Tricks

Microsoft Excel

Key Points at a Glance: Microsoft Excel can allow you to increase your productivity and efficiency. Advanced Microsoft Excel skills enable your team to make professional spreadsheets. For handling reports and records, Microsoft Excel is the most crucial tool in business. Introduction: One of the most advanced tools for working with raw data—and one of the […]

Like Learning a New Language: Why Coding Can Be Learned At Any Age

A person can learn new languages as many as he wants to in his lifetime. Hyperpolygots have shown that human beings can have a high degree of proficiency in over 12 languages. But how about programming languages? Before one can dive into coding, he should at least be proficient in the English language. Writing code […]

6 Reasons How Gaming Enhances Learning

Gamification, broadly speaking, is the application of typical elements of game playing from scoring, leveling and badge earning to engagement with a product or service.  On the other hand, game-based learning, according to uwaterloo.ca, involves designing learning activities so that game characteristics and game principles adhere to the learning activities themselves. For example, a group […]

Shoot Manual in 3 Easy Steps

Why shoot manual mode? So you finally purchased a fancy DSLR camera, ready to start taking better photos. You put the camera in Auto mode and immediately get dismayed with the results, finding them inferior compared to what others can produce with the same hardware. The solution: go manual mode. Here’s what you need to […]

Five Ways Microsoft 365 Training Improves Employee Productivity

Productive employees don’t just materialize. They need to be cultivated and nurtured by the employers who value their employees’ skills and abilities. As it turns out, work environments where employees have opportunities for professional growth and development isn’t just good for boosting employee morale. Employee development is also very good for business growth. MS Office […]

4 Investments Worth Looking Into

Information holds exponential value because it is not lost after being shared. In fact in many ways as individuals we gain more from the information we share. Whether it be in arbitrary situations such as giving directions to a stranger or whether you are explaining a thesis to a colleague. When information is given away […]

Blogging for Business – Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Actually Read

Blogging | The Fit Gypsy | Content Marketing

Blogging for Business – Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Actually Read  53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority, and for a good reason. A well-constructed blog is engaging and provides valuable information to your followers. Engagement is key to building a great reputation online, the more likes and shares you have, […]

Best Jobs you can get while traveling

Pedicab | The Fit Gypsy

Best jobs you can get while traveling   Traveling can be pretty exciting, there is so much to see and do on this beautiful vast world of ours! Sometimes while traveling on a budget, it can get pretty tough to see everything you want to. A really smart travel hack is to find different jobs […]

Improve Your Life and Beat Stress With Mindfulness

Mindfulness | Beat-stress | Q Academy

Improve Your Life and Beat Stress With Mindfulness   In this busy rat race lifestyle, our minds can become so overworked that we find it nearly impossible to fully relax and be in the moment. This sends our inner dialogue into overdrive, causing stress and anxiety levels to rise, which changes our perceptions of the […]

Nutrition for Optimal Health

Nutrition for health

I was young and gullible when I first started in the fitness industry, so naturally I found myself caught up in the fitness modeling side of the multi-faceted industry. I would catch myself looking at fitness magazines with all the ripped (dehydrated, photoshopped and malnourished) models and dream about one day making it on one […]

5 Tips for Hot Weather Running

Hot Weather Running tips - Q Academy

It’s definitely not a secret that  hot weather running is challenging and uncomfortable. I once raced a marathon when it was very hot and got my slowest time ever. I struggled for the last 5k and looking back, I wish I knew how to handle the heat better. Not only did I suffer during the […]

Meet Kelly Marshall

Microsoft Training Q Academy

Hi! I’m Kelly Marshall, an excitable tech nerd and Microsoft fan girl who loves sharing computer productivity tips and tricks with learners of all ages and skill levels. Many thanks to Q Academy and Q College – Learn to Code family for bringing me on board as the newest guest blogger to join the blog […]

Ten Steps to Radical Happiness!

Happiness | Q Academy | Victoria BC

Ten Steps to Radical Happiness!!   “Happiness is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth” – Jon Foreman   What a beautiful summer we have had this year! It is incredible how the sunshine can bring happiness to us all, which inspired me to write this series […]

Vlogging Vs Blogging, Which Is Better For You?

Vlogging Vs Blogging, which is right for you?

Vlogging Vs Blogging, Which Is Better For You? Blogging and Vlogging are both very effective strategies for Companies and Public Figures  whom want to generate as much traffic as possible to their website. As I dive deeper into understanding the online world, I see there are huge advantages for both blogging and vlogging. It is […]

How to have more energy and better health

Julie French Digital Nomad

How to have more energy and better health There are three phrases that I love to live by in order to life an energetic and optimal healthy life: “LOVE your body, MOVE your body, FUEL your body.”   LOVE your body- You need to realize that your mind and your body are a team. You […]

Learning how to start my New Career as a Digital Nomad!

The Digital nomad

Hey everyone! What a whirlwind this week has been! Let me catch you up to date on what I’ve been learning! During last week’s tutoring session at Q Academy, Manny taught me how to set up profiles on Guru.com, Upwork.com and a couple other great websites where you can find work and build your experience […]

Increased demand for Microsoft Excel training in Victoria, BC

Increased demand for Microsoft Excel training in Victoria, BC The booming job marketing in Victoria, BC is leading to thousands of exciting new opportunities, along with endless frustrations of employees looking to get an upper hand on the competition — and Microsoft Excel training has been the number one requirement most employers and hiring agencies […]