7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn To Code

Every country in the world is working towards a digital economy. Whatever their goals or career aspirations, children are going to need to know how to make technology work for them. And what better way to prepare them for the future than coding – the engine that is propelling us to rapid progress in the […]

What Are Your Kids Getting Out of Playing Minecraft?

More than a unique computer game, Minecraft is a great tool that can help children reach their full potential by developing their academic and social skills. The game gives your kids an opportunity to create anything, from small cars to huge spaceships. With monsters and other challenging characters, the world of Minecraft teaches players how […]

Eight ways to start your day with more productivity

Productivity | The Fit Gypsy

Eight ways to start your day with more productivity We all know the feeling, we plan to start our day with more productivity.. then something happens and we lose focus. Its a frustrating feeling, as deep down we would love to be more productive in our lives. Creating a plan with new habits that work […]