5 Reasons Microsoft Outlook Is The Right Choice For You?

Microsoft Outlook

You can use Microsoft Outlook  to send and receive email, manage your calendar, record the names and phone numbers of your contacts, and keep track of your projects. Even if you use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis, you may be unaware of some of the useful features it offers to help you be more […]

7 Common Customer Service Needs & How to Identify Them All

Customer Service

Introduction: The majority of organizations are focused on innovation rather than aligning their brand with customer service needs. Customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than non-customer-centric businesses. Customer-centricity aids in better understanding customers and aligning products and services to generate considerable value. You can’t persuade them if you don’t understand what they want. To create […]

5 Strategies to Help Improve Your  Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards

Introduction Customer service performance must be continually improved because it is one of the most important drivers of company profitability. It’s not unreasonable to expect sales growth of 20% or more of overall company revenue by providing exceptional customer service. Furthermore, there are numerous strategies you may use to boost your team’s performance. These steps, […]

5 Benefits of Building a Customer Education Program

Customer Education Program

Introduction The goal of every company is to create valuable products and services for its customers. Businesses are constantly striving to create perfect and profitable products that meet the needs of their customers, thereby resolving any “common issues” they may have. Products are inherently more complex in today’s hyper-competitive market and advanced technology. As a […]

Microsoft Skills are Valuable in All Workplaces

Microsoft Skills

We bet it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t use Microsoft in their work. Why? According to a study, almost 1.2 billion people across 140 countries and 107 languages have learned Microsoft Office and use it in their daily activities. Young kids and students use it for their school work and projects. Professionals and businessmen rely […]

6 Ways to Be Better at Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important factors in marketing because it leads to customer retention. Even if you only manage to keep 5% of your existing customers coming back, it leads to an increase of 25% in profits because customers are likely to make more purchases by 67%. It also costs up to […]

Top 10 Business Benefits of Advanced Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel - Q Academy

The quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”, attributed to Abraham Lincoln, is very applicable in the business world. It talks about how preparation, using the right tools, and organization is essential in completing a task efficiently. It’s not so much about […]

Why Digital Marketing is Crucial for Small Businesses During the Pandemic

The grim reaper may have been feasting on the business world since the pandemic pushed cities to go under lockdown, prompting a number of brick and mortar stores to permanently shut down. There are those that shifted their line of business to online, quickly adapting to these challenging times. But with window displays and flyers […]

8 Signs Your Team Needs Advanced MS Excel Training

MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool known for it’s exceptional data handling prowess. From personal home finances to full-scale industry-sized data management, and, of course, everything in between, MS Excel is the go-to application teams use to crunch and organize numbers. However, if your team doesn’t have up-to-date, extensive knowledge of this classic software, […]

How to Stop the Mini Toolbar from Popping Up in Microsoft Word

How to Stop the Mini Toolbar from Popping Up in Microsoft Word Sometimes it is the smallest tip that makes the biggest difference to a brand new computer user who is  just starting to use Microsoft Office for the first time. One feature that I notice is very confusing (and honestly, borderline annoying) is the […]

6 Bedtime Habits Of Highly Successful People

Bedtime habits of highly successful people

6 Bedtime Habits Of Highly Successful People The lack of a good night’s sleep is causing over $411 loss from lack of productivity in the USA. This is not always due to daily stress and is commonly linked to a poor bedtime routine. It is time we start learning the bedtime habits of highly successful […]

Top Software and Apps To Make Entrepreneurial Life Easier

make entrepreneurial life easier

Top Software and Apps To Make Entrepreneurial Life Easier According to recent research, the average entrepreneur spends a whopping 68% working in business-related areas, such as solving problems. This means that they only get to spend 31% percent of their time working on their actual business, the part that actually makes an income. It is […]

5 Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using and Why

social media

5 Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using and Why A majority of marketers say that social media marketing is a top priority in their current marketing plans. In fact, investments in social media advertising have skyrocketed to a whopping 30 billion dollars as of 2016.  Social media was once an entertainment tool, and it is […]

Why You Should Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud | Q Academy

Why You Should Upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud A whopping 1 million people are now subscribed and use Adobe Creative Cloud. Seems like everyone and their dog knows about it nowadays. This is all for very good reasons, as there are so many amazing perks with the cloud! There have been bucketloads of changes with […]

Eight ways to start your day with more productivity

Productivity | The Fit Gypsy

Eight ways to start your day with more productivity We all know the feeling, we plan to start our day with more productivity.. then something happens and we lose focus. Its a frustrating feeling, as deep down we would love to be more productive in our lives. Creating a plan with new habits that work […]

Blogging for Business – Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Actually Read

Blogging | The Fit Gypsy | Content Marketing

Blogging for Business – Writing Blogs Your Audience Will Actually Read  53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority, and for a good reason. A well-constructed blog is engaging and provides valuable information to your followers. Engagement is key to building a great reputation online, the more likes and shares you have, […]

Change Your Outlook and Achieve Inbox Zero Using OneNote

Want to change your outlook on email and achieve inbox zero in Microsoft Outlook? Nothing makes me crankier than an inbox full of emails sitting there nagging at me to attend to them. The desire to achieve inbox zero is a fantastic notion for many people who choose to put off wrapping up loose ends […]

Six Signs You Are Cut out for the Remote Lifestyle

Remote Lifestyle | The Fit Gypsy

Six Signs You Are Cut out for the Remote Lifestyle   A whopping 43% of Americans are now working remotely. Just let that soak in for a little bit. Times are changing, the remote lifestyle is highly desired and businesses are shifting to hire more remote workers. Some people, however, are not cut out for […]

Why you must go to a networking event in your field

Networking event | The Fit Gypsy

Why you must go to a networking event in your field   Even for the most advanced and outgoing personalities, going to a networking event can be terrifying. You show up, to a place that is completely out of your comfort zone. Then you exhaustingly repeat small talk about who you are and what you […]

Why the AWDM course will help you attain the Freedom Lifestyle

Freedom Lifestyle | Digital Nomad | The Fit Gypsy

Why the AWDM course will help you attain the Freedom Lifestyle   To attain the freedom lifestyle, you have to learn the skills in order to make a serious living while traveling the world. The internet can become our best friend to be able to learn those skills, and be able to apply those skills […]

Learn OneNote Conference

Microsoft OneNote Training Q Academy

Have you been curious to see what Microsoft OneNote is all about? Are you already using OneNote, and ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Are you curious to explore how OneNote can be used to streamline your personal and business productivity? Why not check out the Learn OneNote Conference 2017 to help […]