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Best Jobs you can get while traveling

Pedicab | The Fit Gypsy

Best jobs you can get while traveling


Traveling can be pretty exciting, there is so much to see and do on this beautiful vast world of ours! Sometimes while traveling on a budget, it can get pretty tough to see everything you want to. A really smart travel hack is to find different jobs along the way that will help fill your pockets and allow for a lengthier travel with more experiences.

Some of the following jobs I have actually done myself, while others have been done by friends of mine. These are all easy gigs to get and can really help save bank while on the road. First things first though, get a working VISA for the country you want to work in! Nothing worse than breaking the law in a country and being deported without the chance of exploring it yet!



Pedicab Driver/ Tour guide

Pedicab | The Fit Gypsy
Me pedicabbing in Auckland, New Zealand!

This is always number one on my list, and it is something that I love to do myself! Nothing better than a job that helps keep you fit, introduces you to many people, and is pretty much cash the whole way through. Last year, I took a gig in New Zealand working for a company called Bikeman. The owner of the company named Tim, and he is a wonderful guy to work for! As you have probably noticed, there are pedicabs in EVERY country you travel to. Just do your research and find out which is the most lucrative, and safe companies to work with.




The Fit Gypsy | Traveling
Work as a Bartender or Server!

This is another super lucrative and easy job to get. Usually you need to have experience first, but if you have a wicked personality, then chances of you getting hired are so much easier. If that country speaks another language, make sure you learn some of it first. This will go a long way in gaining respect from the locals.


Working at Backpacker Hostels

The Fit Gypsy | Traveling
Work for Room and board at a Hostel!

Tons of backpacker hostels have the most genius business plans.  They staff their hostels with travelers whom want to trade room and board for a short term basis. These jobs include front desk, tour guides, cooks, or cleaners. Anything to get their hostel running smoothly and not have to pay actual money to staff. Sometimes though, if you are lucky, they WILL pay you for your work. So it never hurts to ask, if that is what you need.


Teaching fitness while traveling

Teaching a bootcamp in Mauritius!

I am sure you could guess this one, YES I have done this and I love it!!! Nothing better than sharing your passion with the world and helping people become healthy and fit wherever you go!

I have taught bootcamps in exotic Countries, as well as teaching boxing and kickboxing to groups of people wherever I go.

The more certifications you have, the better! I have a certification with ISSA, which enables me to work in most countries across the world. If you do not have that, do not let that stop you. Many countries will prioritize someone teaching from North America, Australia, or New Zealand etc.

The easiest gigs to get are:

-Zumba Instructor

-Yoga or Pilates instructor

-Aquafit instructor

If fitness is your passion, I highly reccomend you try this line of work while traveling. You will change lives and make some life-long friends. I know I did!


Teaching English Overseas!

The Fit Gypsy
Teach English overseas!

This is so much more easier than it sounds. There are huge companies and major websites dedicated to linking up english speaking travelers with people whom want to learn! In order to land this job, you usually need either a degree in English, teaching or especially your TEFL certification (teaching English As a Foreign Language).


Custom Tour Guiding

The Fit Gypsy
Become a tour guide

While traveling, being a tour guide fully depends on the country that you are in and their regulations. If you can get away with creating your own custom tour, then DO IT! If you get to know the area very well, and have a few favorite restaurants, then talk to those restaurants and do a restaurant tour. There are so many different types of tours out there, just get creative and have fun with it. If you are excited about it, and believe in it, than people will sign up!


Paint your way around the world.

Traveling | The Fit Gypsy


This one is inspired by my friend Renee Audy, who is an incredibly talented artist. She utilized her skills and has been painting murals in hostels across Central America in exchange for room and board! You must check out her website, She is incredible. Why not harness the skills that you already have and make something out of it while you travel?


Lastly, there are two great websites to check out that help you find work while on the road. A big majority of these jobs are mostly an exchange for room and board, but you never know until you try!

Workaway – Work in exchange for room and board, as well as a cultural experience.

WWOOF International – “Willing workers on Organic Farms”


With love, health and happiness,

The Fit Gypsy




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