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8 Signs Your Team Needs Advanced MS Excel Training

MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool known for it’s exceptional data handling prowess. From personal home finances to full-scale industry-sized data management, and, of course, everything in between, MS Excel is the go-to application teams use to crunch and organize numbers.

However, if your team doesn’t have up-to-date, extensive knowledge of this classic software, opportunities to improve productivity are likely being missed. We’ve identified eight common workplace errors that are indications your team could benefit greatly from advanced MS Excel training courses; like those available through Q Academy.

Numbers Routinely Don’t Add Up

Numbers that don’t add up can result in increased tension and stress in the workplace, and, can negatively impact your entire team. If the cause is due to data entry error, further investigation is warranted to prevent a re-occurrence. 

But, once a data entry error has been made, determining the cause, and rectifying it, can be a very time-consuming and frustrating situation. Preventing mistakes from occurring is the best way to eliminate future spreadsheet errors.

If you find that important numbers routinely are not adding up, and you’re unsure how to prevent future instances, it’s a good time to seek assistance. Seek professionals who can update and improve your team’s digital data skills; like those located at Q Academy. Data entry disasters can be mitigated with Q Academy’s advanced MS Excel training.  

Deadlines Often Need Extending

Do members of your team often request deadline extensions to complete routine tasks? 

While deadline extensions are sometimes inevitable, especially when executing high quality projects, they shouldn’t be expected for routine tasks. If your team’s deadlines are regularly missed, and you suspect data organization issues are the cause, your team may not be using their data management tools as efficiently as they could.

A solution for improving your team’s ability to meet common deadlines could be just a simple update to your team’s data management skills. Considering Advanced Microsoft Excel course options at local computer skills training schools is an ideal way to improve your team’s efficiency. 

Overly Reliant On One Team Member

Competent, trustworthy, and dedicated team members are likely the greatest assets your team can possess. If your workplace has a beloved go-to person with all the answers and on whom everyone relies, you know how valuable they are to your team.

However, by upskilling your team you’ll now have everyone at that higher level and can be far more efficient in the event your go-to person needs a sick day or leaves your organization. Provide your entire team with advanced MS Excel training in Victoria through Q Academy and broaden your team’s ability to support each other.

File Sharing Issues

Electronic file sharing with your team members can be an absolute blessing, or, when not done properly, an absolute curse. Saving changes in spreadsheets that are inaccurate can happen innocently enough, but, often cause headaches and adds unnecessary tasks for others who end up resolving it.

If you’re team frequently asks the question, “Who edited the file last?”, you may have members on your team who aren’t so savvy at handling digital data.

Reduce in-house tension and confusion by providing team members with a greater understanding of the software tools they already use. Improve your team’s collective knowledge of Excel 2013 or 2016 with effective group training sessions from Q Academy.

Data Needs Entering in Multiple Spreadsheets

Do you have values or, value-sets, of data that require entering in multiple locations by multiple team members? If so, did you know there’s a better way to streamline that repetitive process?

Streamlining data is a core function of up-to-date versions of MS Excel software such as Excel 2016. And, teams equipped with updated and advanced knowledge of MS Excel’s data streamlining capabilities are able too reduce time spent on mundane tasks; while spending more time at moving projects toward completion.

Optimizing data processing and management is one of the valuable benefits of improving your team’s MS Excel knowledge.

Confidence in Results is Lacking

Numbers produced by your team need to be accurate and trustworthy; straightforward facts are essential for your team’s success. If you find data being produced with an older version of Excel is confusing, awkward, or convoluted, it’s probably time for your team to have a MS Excel skill set update.

Improve your team’s data and information handling experience by improving their spreadsheet knowledge. Like with a course from Q Academy’s Excel 2016 training course options. Our expert instructors will happily transform your team members into master spreadsheet wizards!

Clumsy Presentations

Data presentation is an opportunity to make an impact. If your team’s presentations are falling flat more often than creating inspiration, it’s time to find a new way to liven them up. The most recent version of MS Excel is an ideal tool you need to create presentations than are engaging and informative.

With MS Excel 2016, appealing images can be combined with your chosen data in a way that can spruce up your facts, plus, make the message you’re trying to convey much more easily understood by your audience.

Understand how to use the power of MS Excel to create stunning presentation infographics by consulting Q Academy for detailed information on their advanced MS Excel course offerings.

Information is Difficult to Locate

Can’t find the number you’re looking for? And, once you do, you’re unsure you’ll be able to find it again?

If you’re spending more time tracking down a needed data point than the time you spend actually working with it, there may be too many spreadsheets in your workbook. Working with multiple sheets in one workbook, that are difficult to navigate efficiently, is a common sign that the user’s advanced Excel skills aren’t as fine-tuned as they could be. 


Most people today have some type of knowledge and experience with MS Excel software. What the extent or level of expertise every individual has with MS Excel varies greatly. Think of it as a skills version control issue.

Microsoft Excel is popular because it is beautifully adaptable for multiple uses. Professional, business, or personal use, Excel can handle it all. However, not every user can handle all of MS Excel’s capabilities equally. If your team’s MS Excel skills fluctuate greatly between members, it’s an important issue that needs attention. Important, because if not resolved, may lead to competency and efficiency issue within your team.

Q Academy based in Victoria, British Columbia can help your team get on the same page with their MS Excel skills. Q Academy has multiple advanced MS Excel training course options that can easily improve the efficiency and productivity of your team’s efforts.


Ready to improve your team’s efficiency? Contact Q Academy for complete details on how our advanced MS Excel courses can help with your team’s productivity and performance!


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