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7 Fitness myths you should stop believing now

Fitness Myths | The Fit Gypsy

7 Fitness myths you should stop believing now


Are you pushing hard in the gym and not seeing results? You may have fallen victim to one of the many fitness myths that have been circulating in the industry for ages. There are so much false information in the fitness industry, that it’s hard to understand what to believe anymore! It’s time to drop some truth bombs and untangle some of these crazy fitness myths once and for all.


Fitness Myth #1: Cardio is the only way to lose weight

Oh dear… this one is so silly when looking at it from a trainer’s perspective. If you believe this one, do you truly feel that lifting weights or doing any other sort of activity will not help you lose weight either? If your ultimate goal is to lose weight, then yes of course, time on the treadmill will help with that. The law of thermodynamics states that more calories output than input will help you lose weight. Does that mean that aimless, boring cardio workouts are going to 100% work and satisfy you? NO! The more lean mass (muscle) that your body has, the more calories your body burns at rest! So pick up those weights, keep them challenging and put them back down, and rinse, repeat!


Fitness myth #2: Lifting weights will make you bulky

**Face Palm** This is a big, fat NO! Just like I said in the last point, muscle helps you burn fat! Of course, a proper nutrition plan is in order to really help you with results as well, you cannot build muscle from ice cream and french fries! Yes, powerlifters do have a bulky figure. are you doing professional powerlifting and lifting at a 3 rep max PR? Probably not if you are here reading this, so please just ignore that silly fitness myth and pick up those weights! Your body, bone density, health and happiness will thank you!


Fitness Myth #3: Sit ups and crunches will give you flat abs

You can do all the sit-ups in the world, but if your nutrition is not in check, you will not see the results that you desire. Also, sit-ups do not burn a lot of calories, plus they put your body in a position that may cause postural issues over time. Your best bet is to do planks, bridges, and hallows, in combination with a good workout routine and proper nourishment.


Fitness Myth #4: Spot reduction is a thing

This fitness myth is so far from the truth, that it was hard to even write that title! Fat cells are distributed throughout your entire body, there is absolutely no way to lose weight specifically in one area, sorry! We all gain and lose weight in different areas on our very different bodies. Unfortunately for most people, the area they want to lose from the most is always going to be the last to change. Just like my last couple points stated; pick up those weights, eat properly, and do some good quality interval cardio.


Fitness Myth #5: You have to go to a weightlifting gym to get the results you need

No, just no! In fact, without a proper routine in place, you may take longer to get your desired results in a weightlifting gym. That does not mean you should not go of course, anything is better than nothing. Consider learning a kettle bell class, or going to a Martial Arts gym, trying Crossfit, gymnastics, adding spin class to your routine. There are so many options out there to help you attain your desired results. It can be fun, challenging, and you will meet many new likeminded friends as well! Check out my article on the 7 amazing health benefits of kickboxing.


Fitness Myth #6: The more training you do, is better.

Your body needs rest days, period. Over training is a thing, and it can inhibit your results. Think of your body like a city that was struck by an earthquake. The city starts to try and rebuild itself when another earthquake hits, then it tries again, followed by another earthquake. That city may not be rebuilt very structurally sound with all those earthquakes happening when it is trying to rebuild! When you workout, you are breaking down muscle fibres so they can rebuild stronger. You need to give it rest days so that it can rebuild strong, and to prevent injury. If you really want to keep moving, try an “active rest” day, go outside and hike, walk, play a fun sport!


Fitness Myth #7: You need steady state cardioon a treadmill for 1 hour to lose weight.

Have you heard of HIIT training before? High intensity Interval training knocks steady state cardio out of the park! First of all, once you stop HIIT training, your body continues to burn calories for the rest of the day, (after burn effect) due to a higher metabolic rate. When you do intervals, you only need to do from 15-30 minutes to achieve results. Try doing some Tabata exercises (my fav!) 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 8 rounds. Go between two different exercises, stick to the same one, or do it with sprints or on the spin bike, there are so many options!



If you still want some advice, or want help to design a program that is built specifically for YOU, feel free to send me an email, and we can discuss over Skype what would work best for you and your desired results!

[email protected]


With Love, health and happiness,

The Fit Gyspsy



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