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7 Amazing health benefits of Kickboxing

Health benefits of kickboxing | boxing | The Fit Gypsy

7 Amazing health benefits of Kickboxing


Everyone seems to be catching on, kickboxing may just be the best type of workout you could do for your body-and your mind. I am not talking about those “cardio kickboxing” circuit style classes designed for just fat loss, na-uh. I am talking about the real deal, signing up to a Dojo. This decision could actually change more than just your body composition, it could change your life! I know it did for me. Here are seven of the top benefits to choose kickboxing or boxing for your physical and mental makeover.


Kickboxing builds confidence

This is the real deal confidence. Not the synthetic confidence you get from staring at yourself in the mirror aesthetically training body parts and measuring fat loss-nope! True and lasting confidence comes from skill development and increased performance. Yes, it’s true that every class is a (literally) kick-ass  workout. You are also getting better and better at a skill that will last you a lifetime. Kickboxing helps you break through those limitations that you put on yourself in life. The fact that you are now kicking ass, and accomplishing a skill that was once way out of your comfort zone in the beginning, is building TRUE CONFIDENCE!



Kickboxing and boxing is empowering

Hands down, kickboxing and boxing is my absolute favorite thing to teach women. I have taught boxing in other countries where women are more held back than in North America. The self empowerment that they felt during those classes, was directly embodied in the way that they carried out their life from that moment-onwards. They recognized their own power, and nothing could stop them. They applied for better jobs, stood up for themselves more, and walked around with their head held higher. This gives me chills just thinking about how much it helped them.

Actually, I am going to tell you a little story. I was teaching private boxing classes at Island MMA training Center to these two Japanese girls, whom very recently came to Canada for school. At the beginning, they were very timid. When they were punching towards each other’s hands, they were holding back and very worried about how they were moving. It was adorable to watch, and definitely took some coaching, but by the 8th session… you would not have even recognized it was the same two girls!

By the 8-10th sessions, they had mouth guards in, head gear on, and were literally wailing each other in the head and giggling hysterically!! A couple weeks after we finished our sessions, I received a message from them. They told me that in the beginning, they were nervous walking around a new school in a new country, and now they can walk around with their head held high feeling confident and empowered. Nothing can take away that empowered feeling that they now have.



Kickboxing increases the brain-body connection

“Jab, Cross, uppercut, hook, head-kick!” It may sound overwhelming at first, but once you are in the game, you will be amazed on how quickly your body develops the coordination. Kickboxing will help those whom feel they have two left feet and two left hands develop coordination like no other.

Your brain is making thousands of calculations per second to execute the movements when you are performing a sport that demands accuracy, speed, and power. Combining that with both feet, hands, as well as knees and shins- you have no choice but to develop coordination, as well as new neuropathways in the brain!



Any form of Martial Arts develops self defence

The proof is in the pudding, just check out this awesome article by Martial arts can save your life.

If you travel, take up martial arts.

Do you live in a dangerous neighbourhood? start training in martial arts.

Is your child(ren) being bullied at school? sign them up for martial arts.

I’m not saying you should now go walking down dark alley’s looking for trouble, please don’t do that!  However,  in the circumstance where you need to fight for your life or defend yourself- you now have more of a chance.



Kickboxing for Stress reduction

When you are sweating your buns off, punching and kicking seems burn more than just fat. You are also burning your worries and stress away. If someone cut you off in traffic, you had a fight with your spouse, or you did not get that job promotion you wanted- go kickboxing. The combination of intense exercise and endorphin release, with the focus of skill development and a fun positive atmosphere is the perfect recipe for beating stress to the curb!

Hitting something in a strategic manner is a healthy way of letting go of tension. As well as the endorphins that are being released will help you feel a sense of calmness and happiness.

Improve your cardiovascular system and Flexibility

Take a look at a the athletic performance of a professional fighter in comparison to a bodybuilder… need I say more? Not only do you reap the benefits of a primally functional kick-ass body, but also the benefits of one of the toughest cardiovascular training you could ever endure. I’m not saying you need to join a Dojo to actually go through fight training, you can still reap the same benefits without going to battle in the ring. In order to perform a head-kick, you need to stretch, and in order to perform any moves in the sport, you need to have flexibility. Muay Thai fighters are some of the most regimented stretchers out there. They understand the importance of flexibility for performance and injury-prevention.



How you training, is a direct reflection to how you show up in life.

There is no way to half-ass your training at a Dojo. You either go or you don’t. That being said, whenever you step foot in those doors and train your ass off- that is going to positively affect other aspects of your life. When you develop the discipline in the Dojo, you will be amazed in how that discipline plays out in your life. You will have a stronger willpower, more confidence, feel more empowered, and just take on the game of life so much more fiercely. This benefit alone is enough to sign up at your local Dojo.



Do you live in Victoria BC and want to know the best places to sign up? There are many good gyms there, and I will name a few.

Island MMA Training Center  and Peterecs Martial arts center  – they are both in the same location, and have two of the best coaches in the entire country under one roof! If you want skill development and the possibility to do well competitively in the sport, hands down they are absolutely top notch.

Merge Combat and Fitness – A great coach with incredible conditioning classes. A great place to go if you want a schedule that involves strength training as well. You will learn technique,  great combo’s and always have a fun time.

The Fitness Academy – Same location as Merge, but different company all together. These guys will push you to your physical limits and you will learn technique as well as have fun at the same time.


With Love Health and Happiness,

The Fit Gypsy


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